• Episode 2 • Dead End Game Calls

    Mark and Taylor go to a familiar spot in Tennessee and get lucky on a silent strutter!!

  • Off Days
    1 season

    Off Days

    1 season

    Within the life of a professional athlete, there are a select few days set aside for time in the outdoors. These are the “off days” and this is how I spend them.

  • Leaving an Impact • Victory Outdoors

    There might be no greater gift that one could receive than learning to hunt. Curtis takes his daughter Natalie on a spring youth hunt and manages to have an impact on Natalie and on some turkey heads.

  • Changing Seasons • Episode 2 • Stubborn Strutters

    Spur Brands very own Mike Chambliss has his hands full with some stubborn birds on his farm in Indiana all while self filming!

  • Pinhoti 2020 Ep 47 • Pinhoti Project

    It's the final episode of the Pinhoti 2020 season. It's June 6th, the last day of the spring season in Maine and well, sometimes it's better to be lucky than good.

  • Avian X Turkey Tour

    1 season

    Join Mark Drury and the DOD team as they trek across the Midwest on the annual Turkey Tour for a beak bustin’, in your face, non-stop, action-packed Avian-X good time! With calling so sweet and decoys so deceptive, the longbeards don’t stand a chance! This POV footage is so unreal, you’ll feel li...

  • Homegrown Experience

    2 seasons

    Home Grown follows Austin Musselman, Todd Carter and Glen Eilers on Austin’s Kentucky farm. In this multiple episode series, we follow Austin and his team as they hunt giant whitetails over the year. Over the course of 10 years, Austin turned his families three generation cattle farm into a deer ...

  • Pinhoti 2020 Ep 44 • Pinhoti Project

    It's the last stop for the 2020 season and it's an old favorite, Maine. Sit alongside me as we find a gobbler and unknowingly slip in among him and his flock for a morning that'll make you scratch your head.

  • Duck Camp Dinners • Episode 6 • Bayou Meets Land

    The final day at the duck camp is filled with crawfish and catfish.

  • Pinhoti 2020 Ep 43 • Pinhoti Project

    It's the last day of Pennsylvania's Spring season and we find ourselves tangling with a fine gobbler among the boot tracks of a full season of pressure.

  • Lost Brake • The Vets • Episode 9

    The Lost Brake Boys continue to fight the MS River in the 2nd half of the season. The cold weather and ducks finally show up just in time as they take a group of veterans on a hunt in the harshest conditions they have ever faced.

  • Oklahoma Strutters 1 • Rio Grande Hunting • Straight Huntin'

    Mossy Oak’s Rusty McDaniels sets up in a small canyon looking to lure a Rio Grande turkey into his decoy in Western Oklahoma.

  • MTN Top Outdoors Spring Series

    1 season

    If you enjoyed MTN Top Outdoors deer hunts and want more. Check out the latest hunts in their spring series.

  • Changing Seasons • Episode 1 • Indiana Solo Hunt

    Kenny Bevans from Whitetail Edge takes a beautiful gobbler on his farm in Indiana while self filming!

  • Logan Cooke • NWTF

    Logan Cooke is a Mississippi native, a lifelong outdoorsman and an NFL punter for the Jacksonville Jaguars. We join him and his wife Mary in Florida for an Osceola turkey hunt.

  • Pinhoti 2020 Ep 41 • Pinhoti Project

    'm still in Pennsylvania working toward another public land late season gobbler. Check it out and make sure you don't make the same mistake as I did!

  • Pinhoti 2020 Ep 42 • Pinhoti Project

    We are back in the timber after the PA gobbler we put to bed the evening before. It's a perfect example of what happens whenever you "think you've gotten them figured out.

  • Oklahoma Strutters 2 • Rio Grande Hunting • Straight Huntin'

    Mossy Oak’s Jesse Raley and his guide at Canadian River Hilton set quickly when a Rio responds to their call in Western Oklahoma.

  • What Are Brothers For • Victory Outdoors

    Talon Riedel chases his first turkey kill with a bow. He also makes time to take younger brother, Hayen, to the turkey woods.

  • Duck Camp Dinners • Episode 5 • Beaux Beauxs at the Hobo Hilton

    Pouldeau gumbo, pidro, and beaux beauxs in the head.

  • Cold Snow and HOT BEER! with Dillon Carmichael • Country Outdoors Adventures

    We're taking a break and heading to Wyoming for vacation. We start with a date night in the Black Hills before meeting friend and Country singer Dillon Carmichael and his girl friend Shayla for snowmobiling with Scenic Safari's in Jackson WY. We then get back to Nashville for the Country Outdoors...

  • NWTF's Turkey Call

    3 seasons

    For more than 15 years, “Turkey Call” has been the premier outdoor program covering the pursuit of America’s favorite game bird. Join Team NWTF for amazing spring hunts across the country, and learn the latest tips and tactics from the best hunters in the business.

  • OnX Gameplan: Ben Maki • Oklahoma Whitetail

    Ben Maki goes to Canadian River Hilton, and shows that preparation can yield great results.

  • Sticky Asian Wild Boar Belly Tacos with the BBQ Ninja • Ingredient Wild

    Craig Verhage aka the BBQ Ninja gives a great spin on the classic taco!