• Live 5.10.2021 Turkey Season Replay

    Tune In, Sit Back & Watch ‘Turkey Season’ on Mossy Oak GO: LIVE! - Hosted by Cuz Strickland!
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  • Michigan Toms • Eastern Hunting • Straight Huntin'

    Legendary MLF angler and Mossy Oak Fishing team member Kevin VanDam invites Mossy Oak’s Chris Paradise up to spend a couple of days in the Michigan spring turkey woods.

  • Changing Seasons • Episode 9 • Chilly Morning Birds

    In this episode, Mike Chambliss takes his good friend Chris Morton on Nine Ridges Farm in Indiana. Then Shon Wright is in Kentucky with his son Brady and Brady’s girlfriend Julia Akins.

  • Longbeard Madness • Victory Outdoors

    Zac Geith takes his kids spring turkey hunting. His son Drake has killed many longbeards over the years, but this is his daughter Morgan's first turkey hunt and was if ever successful but first Dennis Hensley and Drexel Richardson travel to Missouri.

  • Our Way of Life • Family Tree

  • Cuz Strickland • It Becomes Who You Are

    Cuz Strickland recounts how he became obsessed with the wild turkey and where that obsession has led his life.

  • Pinhoti 2021 Ep 10 • Pinhoti Project

    It's a wet opener in Mississippi but join us as I join Lake and Jordan from Primos for some national forest action!

  • Cash Connects! • Lindsey Way Longbeards

    Cash Lindsey has been hard after it all year to try and kill a turkey. After lots of time put in he finally got his chance and made it count on a big Georgia Eastern!

  • Live: 5.3.2021 Turkey Season Replay

    Tune In, Sit Back and Watch ‘Turkey Season’ on Mossy Oak GO: LIVE! - Hosted by Cuz Strickland!

  • Pinhoti 2021 Ep 9 • Pinhoti Project

    Join me for the last hunt from the South Florida swamps. It's a solo adventure and I'm treated to a fine hunt for a beautiful gobbler.

  • Lost Brake • Tower Road • Episode 10

    After a long rough duck season, the guys switch gears to chasing long beards on the island. In years past the high waters of the Mississippi River have prevented them from turkey hunting at Lost Brake, but this season they finally got the chance and made the most of it.

  • Paul Miller • Elements • Mexican Gulf Fishing Company, Louisiana • Elements

    From backwaters to bluewater, saltwater fishing is in Paul's blood. Ride along as we explore Paul's story of growing up along the coast, his profession as a fishing guide, and why being on the water truly puts Paul in his Element.

    Want to fish with Paul? Find him here:

  • Iowa • The Gangs All Here • Lindsey Way Longbeards

    The crew is in Iowa chasing longbeards. Jeff Lindsey has a close encounter in the timber and Wanda Lindsey has 5 longboards storm the decoy on her first morning out!

  • OnX Gameplan: Chris Paradise and Ben Maki • Texas Turkey

    Chris Paradise and Ben Maki scout out some sweet Rio turkeys at LHR Adventures in Texas.

  • Nebraska Turkey Madness • Victory Outdoors

    Ryan Warrick fills his Nebraska turkey tag with archery equipment. Then guides his son Holden to his first crossbow kill.

  • Full Strut • Episode 6 • Tempermental

    The opening week of Missouri season has dealt Mike some very stubborn birds. Sometimes you can do everything just right and it doesn’t seem to matter. 4 days into the season, after several heart-breaks, he finally finds a bird that wants to play rough and another that doesn’t want to leave!

  • Live: 4.26.2021 Turkey Season Replay

    LIVE NOW: Tune In, Sit Back and Watch ‘Turkey Season’ on Mossy Oak GO: LIVE! - Hosted by Cuz Strickland!

  • Off Days • Episode 4 • South Carolina Circus Misses and Flying Turkeys

    Florida has been giving us fits. Turkeys haven’t been gobbling or reacting to calling, so we decide to head three hours north to a farm we lease in South Carolina.The weather was right and the birds were hot! We have a textbook off the roost hunt, but Cody has a clean swing and a miss. We eventua...

  • Pinhoti 2021 Ep 7 • Pinhoti Project

    We're on a pair of hard gobbling Osceola gobblers deep in the cypress! Join us to see how it shakes out!

  • Turkey Rundown • Victory Outdoors

    Garrett Green runs down his first bow kill and then travels to Wyoming to kill his first Merriam's wild turkey.

  • Spring Series • Episode 6 • Kentucky Hardwoods

    We're off to one of my favorite states for a turkey hunt.... Kentucky! There's some scouting, fanning, and some sitting in the woods. Our hard work at Bluegrass Outfitters pays off, though.

  • Rolling Thunder

    4 seasons

    Spencer Halford and the Rolling Thunder Game Calls crew fit the Mossy Oak motto "It's not a passion. It's an obsession." And the heart of their obsession is waterfowl. From geese and ducks throughout fall/winter and chasing turkeys in the spring, their isn't much of an offseason. Follow a crew th...

  • Live: 4.19.2021 Turkey Season Replay

    LIVE NOW: Tune In, Sit Back and Watch ‘Turkey Season’ on Mossy Oak GO: LIVE! - Hosted by Cuz Strickland!

  • LARGEST Spurs Ever on a DOD Gobbler! • Avian X Turkey Tour

    You won’t won’t want to miss the grand finale of the Avian-X Turkey Tour where a total of three birds will hit the ground before it all comes to a close. INCLUDING the largest spurred long beard that anybody on the Drury Outdoors crew has ever taken!