• Mark Drury • Calling Chess Match

    Mark Drury tells how his obsession with turkey hunting came to be, as well as how it continues to challenge him to this day.

  • Will Dixon · The Son of Bob Dixon · The Obsessed

    Today is the late Bob Dixon’s birthday, and we’re proud to present one of our most special features of The Obsessed to date. Bob’s son Will has carried on his legacy - one that’s as important as any to the history of Mossy Oak.

  • Kick Plastic

    The folks at Casa Vieja Lodge in Guatemala have decided to kick the habit of using plastics in a effort to showcase the effect plastic waste has on the environment.

  • Kill & Eat
    1 season

    Kill & Eat

    1 season

    To us hunting is more than a sport or a favorite pass time; it’s a part of who we are and it’s a lifestyle that God has blessed us with the ability to live. Kill & Eat is a way of life. The pursuit of wild game and the table fare it provides drives us, it sustains us, and it’s a whole lot of ...

  • William Lester • The Specialists

    William Lester goes through his trumpet call process.

  • Grand Slam • Undivided

    The wild turkey grand slam is something every hardcore turkey hunter dreams of. Nathaniel and Bub get the chance to complete theirs in the same season, a turkey hunting story 20+ years in the making.

  • SPUR Season
    2 seasons

    SPUR Season

    2 seasons

    Chase turkeys along with Woodhaven Pro-staffers/competition callers, Whitetail Edge team members, and other proven SPUR Season teams. We'll follow these teams across the South, up the Midwest, and eventually farther into the North. We also bring timely tips and tactics to help you in the field. W...

  • It's a Family Thing • Family Tree

    In this episode of Family Tree, we follow Rusty McDaniels and his two oldest sons on a quest for their first Osceola turkeys in southern Florida.

  • Wild Turkey • Mossy Oak University

    11 seasons

    Tips, tactics and How-To videos from hunting enthusiasts around the nation.

  • Chasing Spring
    1 season

    Chasing Spring

    1 season

    Welcome to Chasing Spring! Follow along as Brandon Pendergrass and Jeff Lovan hit the road traveling the country looking for hard gobbling longbeards…. Literally Chasing Spring!

  • Georgia Youth Opener/ Alabama Longbeard • Spur Season

    This week we catch up with Eric Richards and his son Kayson in the 2020 GA youth season. And in the second part of the show some of the crew headed to Alabama in a previous years hunt.

  • Red Dogs • DU Films

    In this film, photographer Mark Atwater shows the passion for photography that has made him one of the best in the business. Oh, and he has some very cool golden retrievers!

  • Youth of the Season • Victory Outdoors

    Dennis Hensley and Curtis Goettsch take their daughters turkey hunting during Iowa Youth Season.

  • Georgia • Opening Day Gobbler Showdown • Lindsey Way Longbeards

    The Lindsey’s have always made it a tradition to hunt opening day of the Georgia turkey season. David’s behind the gun first as they’ve been seeing a longbeard using his field in the days prior to season. Right off the limb this turkey was not happy with visitors in his field, making for an up cl...

  • Pinhoti 2020 Ep 4 • Pinhoti Project

    It's the conclusion of the South Florida swing for 2020. You'll join me for 3 days of tough "sledding" as I try to find an Osceola of my own before heading home. We also encounter a few more hunters along the way and you'll see opposite ends of the spectrum concerning public land ethics.

  • South Carolina • Straight Huntin'

    In this episode of Straight Huntin Hunter Wallis doubles on some South Carolina Eastern turkeys.

  • New Territory • Victory Outdoors

    After days of studying turkey movement on new farms, Curtis Goettsch and Ian Sparks capitalize on that knowledge.

  • Brandon Lester • Elements

    In this episode of mossy oak elements we dive in to the life of Brandon Lester as he pursues his dream of fishing for a living, chasing bass from the famous lake el salto all the way back home.

  • Kansas Rio/Solo in Indiana • Spur Season

    Follow Spur Brand Prostaff members Hunter and Jonathan in the 2019 season as they chase down Kansas Rios. Then head to Mike Chambliss' farm in Indiana as he tries his hand at self filming.

  • East Georgia 2 • Eastern Hunting • Straight Huntin'

    Neill Haas and Riley Payne get a chance to jump in front of the camera and get a Georgia Eastern.

  • Heaven on Earth • Spur Season

    Join Shon Wright as he hunts Indiana Easterns with Mike Chambliss. Then follow Ben Rising on his farm in OH as he takes a rainy day archery gobbler.

  • Haunted Pt. 1 • Chasing 49

    “Haunted” is a short film series from Chasing 49 documenting Keith Ott’s journey to complete the US Super Slam. This two part series begins in the swamps of Louisiana April 6 and ends on the hardwood ridges of New York May 23. With a travel schedule that took the team over 20,000 miles of drivin...

  • Jake From State Farm • Victory Outdoors

    Jake Reed chases Iowa turkeys and successfully takes his first turkey with a bow.

  • Mississippi • Undivided