• Pinhoti 2022 Ep 18 • Pinhoti Project

    We are hunting until something goes right during the first day of Alabama's public land!

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  • A Family Tradition • Lethal Mission

    Brian takes his daughter Baevinn out in hopes of getting her on her first deer ever! Little does she know what is in store for her!

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  • Ep 66 • Home Field Advantage • Rolling Thunder

    After a few days spent chasing Rios in the southwest, our friends Jeff Lovan and Brandon Pendergrass return to Missouri to deal some damage on their home turf. A quick stop at one of their familiar haunts has them right where they want to be; dueling in the ridges and hollows with a couple hard g...

  • Last Pass Episode 13 • 2 Shot

    The contest is simple, you get 2 shells per person and when your done, your done. There are 9 different states and 2 countries represented at the Goshen County Wyoming 2 Shot goose contest and this is our first year attending. Mario teams up with Tyler from Saskatchewan Goose company and our fri...

  • Lost Brake • Bomb Cyclone • Episode 23

    We stand on the bank of the old Mississippi River channel and shoot ducks, but end up stranded on the island and have to paddle out to make it home in time for Christmas

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  • Nativ Nurseries' Ask Dudley • Locating Squirrels

    Nativ Nurseries' Dudley Phelps plans to use the OnX line-distance tool to help with locating and tracking squirrels. With the help of topographical maps and satellite imagery, This should make identifying and tracking squirrel locations a breeze.
    Whether you're a professional wildlife tracker or...

  • Rattled Up in Oklahoma • Straight Huntin'

    There’s no milking the footage on this one! On the final morning of his hunt at Canadian River Hilton, Mossy Oak’s Greg Sugg and his guide rattle up a fantastic Western Oklahoma buck! With no hesitation, Greg makes a clean shot before this old buck can make a quick exit.

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  • Last Pass Episode 12 • Greylags in the Swath

    This is what made Final Approach the company it is today. Layout blind hunting in a field for geese. The only difference is we are shooting Greylag and Pinkfoot geese in Iceland. This is an in-your-face episode with decoying geese up close and personal. The Knockout blinds are hidden in barley sw...

  • Groove Life Belt and Rings • Gear Drop

    The Groove Life belt is made of high-quality materials and holds up well under heavy use. It is adjustable to fit different waist sizes, and comes in Mossy Oak Country DNA and Mossy Oak Bottomland.
    It also uses a quick release buckle that allows it to be put on and taken off with ease.
    We highly ...

  • How to Disassemble and Reassemble Steyr Pro Hunter II

    Mossy Oak's Rusty McDaniels shows us exactly how to take apart the Steyr Pro Hunter 2 for cleaning and then retraces his steps to reassemble.

    You can check it out here: https://www.steyr-arms.com/us/steyr-pro-hunter-2

  • Behind the Season

    1 season

    Go behind the scenes with Mark Heck and Kenneth Lancaster of The Given Right and Xpedition Archery, for an inside look at the ups and downs of their season. Catch weekly episodes, as they travel across the country, chasing big game from Alaska to Mexico.

  • River Canyon Elk • Behind the Season

    After Mark filled his tag on a Colorado giant, Kenneth heads deeper into Colorado setting his sights on a bull of his own. Hunting some of the same ground he hunted nearly 20 years ago with Primos, he's on his home turf and it doesn’t take him long before he's right in the thick of it.

    For all y...

  • Brandon Lester vs JD Blackburn • Pickwick Lake • Fish Wars

    Mossy Oak Fishing’s JD Blackburn is used to covering the pros at the big events. Now he finds himself in the thick of the competition fishing off against Bass Pro Elite Series 2022 Angler of the Year runner-up Brandon Lester.
    After an unusually inactive morning at Pickwick Lake in Alabama, Bran...

  • Ep 64 • Sunshine • Rolling Thunder

    A plan is always perfect until it’s not. In this case, it was a hunting trip between friends arranged a year in advance that ended up right in the middle of a week long stretch of warm, cloudy days; everyone’s favorite duck hunting conditions. You can’t kill ‘em from the couch though, and the guy...

  • Moultrie Micro-42i Trail Camera • Geardrop

    The Moultrie Micro-42i is a great, unobtrusive 42 megapixel trail camera. It has a 4/10 sec shutter speed, can take 13,000 images before the battery needs to be charged, and comes with a 2 year warranty. What more could you ask for in a trail camera!?

  • Jessi Cole's Oklahoma Hammer • Straight Huntin'

    Mossy Oak's Jessi Cole heads to Canadian River Hilton for the first time to chase after some big western whitetails. She and field producer Mighty Joe have an exciting and nerve-wracking couple of days that ends with an old, giant 8-point on the ground and in the truck home!

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  • Hoyt’s Gnarly Birthday Buck • The Part Timers

    When you combine Hoyt’s birthday with three shooters in the area, doe weekend and the green light to shoot whatever walks out you know it will be an exciting hunt. Hoyt and Jacob have an encounter with a gnarly looking buck at first light, then a wad of doe shortly after that. Hoyt decides to sho...

  • Last Pass Episode 9 • Montana Madness

    In this episode we are hunting a place they call the “Hot Tub”. This is a warm water slough hidden in the middle of some agriculture and one of the rivers that the birds use heavily to migrate. The temps are frigid! It is in the teens and low single digits and most of the water around is froz...

  • Ep 63 • Sweet Corn • Rolling Thunder

    A trip to Alberta in November seemed a little crazy to us, but our buddy Thomas Gilpin promised us it would be one we wouldn’t forget. Sub zero temps, ridiculous amounts of snow coupled with the pre-season Arkansas jitters had everyone wound a little tight and worried we’d made a bad decision. On...

  • Last Pass Episode 8 • Greylags In The Wind

    This episode we get another day in the land of fire and ice. Epic hunt in extreme winds puts the Greylag geese and Barnacle geese on the deck. Tons of up close and personal action with decoying birds right in our face as the hang in the wind. The Viking and the Grayriver guys show us what hunting...

  • Spot and Stalk on ANCIENT Texas Whitetail • Straight Huntin'

    After a slow morning in the blind, they get out to glass the surrounding area and come across an old, giant buck hung up with a doe down in a holler. This is a hunt you’ve got to see!

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  • Oklahoma Rifle Season • Greg Hackney with a HAMMER • Straight Huntin'

    Bassmaster Elite Series Angler and Mossy Oak Fishing team member, Greg Hackney is almost as obsessed with whitetails as he is bass. He heads west with the Mossy Oak crew for four days of hard hunting for the Oklahoma rifle season. Hackney drops his GIANT of a deer in his tracks! Unreal shot.


  • Saga of Splits • True Life Hunting Adventures

    Go afield with Tommy and his son as they head to the blind in Ohio as they try to punch a tag on some trophy whitetails!

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  • Daniel and Owen’s First Texas Whitetail • Straight Huntin'

    Daniel Haas and Owen Finnan from Mossy Oak are in Vatoville at a deer camp in honor of the late Tim Anderson. Both pull the trigger on their first Texas bucks—two beautiful mature deer!

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