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  • Michael The Hunter Chef

    Professional chef Michael Hunter, aka the Hunter Chef, finds inspiration for his cooking through foraging fresh ingredients and hunting wild game. Michael grows his both his hunting and cooking repertoire joining Mossy Oak’s Daniel Haas on first ever elk hunt at the majestic Three Forks Ranch in...

  • Waterman • B&W

    There are few that appear to understand the ocean as well as Brian Keaulana. Legendary Waterman, Lifeguard Captain, and Stunt Coordinator–Brian has made it his ambition to share his innate knowledge of the ocean and to improve water safety practices and awareness. Helping to save lives, every day.

  • A New Season With New Targets, Closing In On Opening Day • Dream Season Live

    Welcome back for another season of Dream Season Live! On this episode, the team catches us up on what they've been doing over the summer months and introduces an impressive list of targets they hope to chase this fall. With youth season's firing on all cylinders and opening day right around the c...

  • How Long Should You Wait to Track a Deer After a Questionable Shot

    Jimmy Riley tells how to track a deer after a questionable shot.

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  • Riley Stays at the HIlton • Straight Huntin'

    On this STRAIGHT HUNTIN’, we dive deep in the heart of Oklahoma at the Canadian River Hilton in search of big bucks!

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  • Lucky Shed • Heartland Bowhunter • Behind the Draw

    Rex and his son-in-law, Joe, are hunting early season whitetails in Wyoming. A lucky shed brings luck their way not only in the form of great deer hunts but also a Mountain Lion Encounter in this kickoff of Behind The Draw Season 8!

  • Feast or Famine • Just Fishing with Jordan Lee

    Pro kayak angler Jordan Lee tries out his crazy-looking rat lure to see if he can pull out some giants. It's a risk with that type of lure, but when it's on, it's on!

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  • Scar • Heartland Bowhunter • Behind the Draw

    Trent Siegle spends archery season in Kansas like most. He targets specific mature bucks with his bow. If he still hasn't filled his tag by rifle season he is still committed to the bow. Last Fall, he stayed true to his commitment and it paid off!

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  • Self Filmed Public Land 10 Pointer • Pinhoti Project Ungulate Edition

    Success in Kentucky! Join me in a tree for my final week of hunting public land in September and enjoy the action when I find myself in the right place at the right time.
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  • Going Up and Above • Colorado Elk • Straight Huntin'

    Mossy Oak’s Daniel Haas takes in the majesty of Colorado’s Three Forks Ranch hiking, the mountainsides in search of bull elk.

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  • Serious Fishing Tournament Ft. Josh Kiser • Country Outdoors Adventures

    The Country outdoors crew heads to Reelfoot lake in TN to have themselves a fishing tournament with Josh Kiser.

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  • Shannon Wallace • Oklahoma Whitetail • Straight Huntin'

    Shannon leaves the kids at home with the husband for a few days to pursue giant whitetail in Oklahoma! After a few frustrating days with no luck, "Pretty Boy" walks out.

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  • Alligator Hunting Tips

    1 season

    Alligator expert Ricky Flynt teaches us all about the alligator species and includes some tips for hunting gators.

  • The Island 2 • Rare Breed

    Year number 2 of the guys getting together for the TN velvet hunt. Hunter makes the drive up and once again is being followed by another hurricane. The guys team up in pairs in hopes of tagging a big TN velvet buck. The hunting was tough compared to the past few years but one group had to luck on...

  • Bayou Bluewings • Rare Breed

    After having to sit out the Teal opener, Hunter meets up with good friend Matt Teal and makes the track to South West Louisiana. A fun-filled weekend full of Bluewings, college football, and a lot of laughs was just what the doctor ordered. The guys will for sure be making the trip back to Spoonb...

  • Austin Delano • The Obsessed

    Mossy Oak's Gamekeeper Austin Delano has been hunting his whole life. When he draws a tag for early Muzzleloader season in Kansas--we follow him to the Midwest to catch a great hunt on camera. A shot at 180 yards can be risky, but Austin pulls it off and brings home an awesome, mature whitetail.

  • Take What You Can Get • Victory Outdoors

    Ty Green chases an Iowa giant but with vacation days running out he takes a great buck that puts on a show.

  • Fish Wars • Grosse Savanne • Rusty vs Greg Hackney Rematch!

    Last year, Bassmaster Elite Series pro angler Greg Hackney showed Mossy Oak's Rusty McDaniels exactly why he's a pro fisherman. Watch, Rusty head back to Grosse Savanne to challenge the Hack-Attack to a rematch!

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  • Realistic Public Land Hunting • Pinhoti Project Ungulate Edition

    Join me for the first week of hunting the early season in Kentucky where we start strong before the realisms of hunting public land catches up to us! There is no substitute for persistence.

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  • Tough Pass • Whitetail Edge

    We all have that special tree on our property that is our go-to tree stand spot. I call mine the killing tree. This week we are headed to Illinois as I take you through my season in one of my favorite states to hunt. I have a monster typical buck that I am after in Illinois this year but I know t...

  • Fair Game Part 2 • Victory Outdoors

    Ian Sparks closes a four-year quest for a true Iowa giant named “Fair Game”. Throughout the ups and downs of every season, there’s no greater reward than catching up with the buck of your dreams. From having several other hunters pressuring the same farms, and not being allowed to plant food plot...

  • A Buck To Remember | Oklahoma Whitetail | Straight Huntin'

    Terri Myers has been with Mossy Oak for 22 years, so when the opportunity arose, we sent her to Oklahoma to pursue her first deer ever--and she takes a GIANT!

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  • Snoop Dog • Whitetail Edge

    We are back in Ohio this week with Dwaine Jones. For those of you who followed along last year, you know Dwaine was new to the team and started his first year strong with him and his wife Jessica killing bucks for Whitetail Edge. This year, Dwaine and Jess bought their own piece of ground in Ohio...