Family Tree

Family Tree

2 Seasons

We all know the future of the outdoor lifestyle we all hold so dear to our hearts will one day be the responsibility of the next generation. In this series we follow Mossy Oak’s own as they spend time outdoors with their kids and show how important and gratifying passing down the Obsession truly is.

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Family Tree
  • Making of a Hunting Family • Family Tree

    The history of an outdoorsman's family comes to life as it's written into its future. Meet Mossy Oak's Joe White and see how the wisdom of his father is thriving today behind the eyes and through the actions of his daughter and son.

  • It's a Family Thing • Family Tree

    Episode 2

    In this episode of Family Tree, we follow Rusty McDaniels and his two oldest sons on a quest for their first Osceola turkeys in southern Florida.

  • Making a Turkey Hunter | Year 2 • Family Tree

    Episode 3

    Join 7-year-old Boone Gabbard and his Dad Walt as they embark on Boone’s second year of chasing turkeys. Last year Boone got to fill a tag on his first longbeard, now enjoy the show as Boone learns more about the roller coaster of emotions of our favorite pastime, turkey hunting.

  • Our Way of Life • Family Tree

    Episode 4

  • The Making of a Deer Hunter • Boone Gabbard • Family Tree

    Episode 5

    8 year old Boone Gabbard is after his first whitetail, and he's using the same gun his dad used to kill his first deer, too. Things come together just like they should, and the moment couldn't be more special to be caught on camera.

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  • Father Daughter Time • Bobby & Jessi Cole • Family Tree

    Episode 6

    In this episode of Family Tree, Mossy Oak's Bobby and Jessi Cole hunt for a cooperative Eastern in Tennessee and talk about the many ways that turkey hunting has impacted their relationship for the better.

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    For all your  hunting ge...