Family Tree

Family Tree

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We all know the future of the outdoor lifestyle we all hold so dear to our hearts will one day be the responsibility of the next generation. In this series we follow Mossy Oak’s own as they spend time outdoors with their kids and show how important and gratifying passing down the Obsession truly is.

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Family Tree
  • Ohio Youth Turkey Hunt • Chris Paradise and Kids Enjoy the Spring Woods

    Chris Paradise and his children, Michael and Ava, experience an unforgettable Ohio turkey hunt.

  • Kentucky Squirrel Hunting Traditions • Walt Gabbard Teaching His Son Boone

    Family Tree highlights the importance of spending time outdoors with family, teaching and guiding through hunting and conservation efforts, which serves to preserve the outdoors heritage.

    This episode follows Chris Paradise and his children, Michael and Ava, as they experience an unforgetta...

  • Kentucky Youth Deer Hunt • Ben Maki Family Deer Hunting Traditions

    This episode of Family Tree features Mossy Oak’s Ben Maki as he shares his passion for the outdoors with his family. Two of his three children, Hawkins and Izzie, go deer hunting during Kentucky’s youth season and share their gratitude for a father that shares the outdoors with them.

    “I’ve ...

  • Goose Hunting Heritage • Family Tree

    This episode of “Family Tree” features Mossy Oak’s Jeff Shelby as he shares his gratitude for his upbringing in the outdoors. Their father/son experience in the outdoors was one of sacrifice and Jeff sees it full circle on a Kansas waterfowl hunt.
    “Looking back on it now, the weekends my dad sac...

  • Kids First • Whitetails with Rusty McDaniels and Sons

    Rusty McDaniels has worked in Mossy Oak Productions for 14 years. His passion for the outdoors began when he followed his dad in the woods and on the lake. McDaniels explains that he has vivid memories of that time together and when he became a father of three boys, he knew they, too, would be ex...

  • Ott DeFoe • Family Fishing

    In this episode of Mossy Oak Family Tree, we follow Pro Angler Ott DeFoe as he takes his kids fishing in TN.

  • 1st Turkey On the Season Opener • Lannie & Hayden Wallace

    Gamekeeper Lannie Wallace passes on his family turkey hunting traditions to his son Hayden on the same public land he's hunted for years. Hayden and Lannie hunt Mississippi's opening day of youth season.

  • Davis Family Farm • Family Tree

    In this episode of Family Tree, we follow Gary Davis and his sons on a piece of family land that goes back generations.

  • The Hawley Legacy: Turkey Hunting & Conservation • Family Tree

    Join us as we follow Chris Hawley and his family on a turkey hunt in Florida, where they share their passion for the sport and the importance of family and faith. With generations of turkey hunting experience and a commitment to conservation, the Hawley family is a shining example of the values t...

  • Making An Elk Hunter • Family Tree

    Episode 1

    A hunter from the time he could walk, Hawkins Maki has been drawn to the drama of elk hunting through stories told by his dad, by meat in the freezer and antlers on the wall. When luck of the draw brought a Kentucky youth season tag to his mailbox, his chance to join that chase hit very close to ...

  • The Bond of Brothers • Family Tree

    Episode 2

    In this episode of Family Tree, we follow Neill and Daniel Haas as they share their passion for the West and hear how growing up in the Mossy Oak family molded them along the way.

  • Making A Turkey Hunter • Family Tree

    Jangled nerves, panting breath, quaking hands and blurred vision are all part of first hunts for new hunters, and that's just for their dads. Follow young Boone Gabbard and his dad Walt on the young man's first foray into the rites of spring, as they chase longboards in Kentucky.