114 Episodes

If your sights are set on big game hunting, go to the next level with our collection of big game hunting videos and articles. Made to inform and inspire your adventure of a lifetime, you’ll hear firsthand from the masters of high-altitude achievement, and begin your quest toward becoming a stronger & better-prepared big game hunter.

  • New Mexico Mountain Country • Muzzleloader Elk Hunting

    Episode 1

    Ben Maki and Dustin Whitacre of Mossy Oak head out West to hunt elk with muzzleloaders. While western elk hunts can be physically demanding, what you get from it makes it all worth it.

  • The Obsessed • First Elk Tag

    Episode 2

    After 25-plus combined years of filming elk hunts for Mossy Oak, Jody Davis and "Mighty" Joe White finally had tags of their own. Watch this episode from Colorado's elk season and a couple of long-awaited hunts trading the camera for a rifle.

  • The Obsessed • New Mexico Elk

    Episode 3

    Neill Haas and Rusty McDaniels travel to New Mexico to chase elk on public land with their bows.

  • Mossy Oak's BULL RUSH • Episode 3

    Episode 4

    See four successful elk hunts, bow and rifle, in three different western states. Bull Rush Episode 3 features Toxey Haas, Geoff Maki, Gregory Sugg and Greg Briggs.

  • Mountain Country Elk • Short Film

    Episode 5

    Join Chris Paradise as he comes face to face with a giant bull bugling bull elk in the heart of Mountain Country.

  • Mossy Oak's BULL RUSH • Episode 1

    Episode 6

    Get up close and personal with this Utah Bull Rush featuring archery hunts from Chris Paradise, Neill Haas, Toxey Haas and Ronnie "Cuz" Strickland.

  • Honor • John Faulkenberry

    Episode 7

    The debut episode of HONOR features Operation: Iraqi Freedom war veteran, John Faulkenberry, as he hunts Colorado elk in an environment all-too-similar to the mountains he trekked in Afghanistan. The purpose of HONOR is to acknowledge the service men and women of this great country and tell their...

  • Glass • Pale Horse

    Episode 8

    Glass follows the monthlong pursuit of elk in New Mexico's Gila National Forest.

  • Chasing • Pale Horse

    Episode 9

    Stephen Spurlock is chasing more than an animal. He's chasing a legacy passed down from his father.

  • Mossy Oak's BULL RUSH • Episode 2

    Episode 10

    Episode 2 of Bull Rush relives four archery elk hunts with Ben Maki, Daniel Haas and Jeff Foxworthy in Utah, plus Shed Whitacre in New Mexico.

  • Honor • Ray Soto

    Episode 11

    In this episode of Honor, we follow Purple Heart recipient, Raymundo Soto, on his first ever elk hunt in the mountains of Northwest Colorado at Three Forks Ranch. Hear how his journey took him from a 10% chance of ever running again after an IED explosion in Afghanistan to completing 14 marathon...

  • Making An Elk Hunter • Family Tree

    Episode 12

    A hunter from the time he could walk, Hawkins Maki has been drawn to the drama of elk hunting through stories told by his dad, by meat in the freezer and antlers on the wall. When luck of the draw brought a Kentucky youth season tag to his mailbox, his chance to join that chase hit very close to ...

  • The Bond of Brothers • Family Tree

    Episode 13

    In this episode of Family Tree, we follow Neill and Daniel Haas as they share their passion for the West and hear how growing up in the Mossy Oak family molded them along the way.

  • Montana Elk • Behind the Season

    Episode 14

    Kenneth and Chris Cobbett head to Montana, fighting subzero temperatures and driving snow in search of late season bull elk.

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  • Western Elk Hunt Reunion • Straight Huntin'

    Episode 15

    Bobby Cole killed his first and only bull elk 27 years ago, and almost three decades later he’s back in the West chasing after bugles at the Three Forks Ranch in Colorado. After a few days of climbing mountainsides and seeing a menagerie of wildlife, his guide and he spot a bull coming quickly to...

  • Fulfilling a Dream • Straight Huntin'

    Episode 16

    West Point, MS native Dr. Ned Miller makes good on his dream to chase elk up and down mountains on this New Mexico muzzleloader hunt.

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  • We're Gonna Get an Elk... Someday • Country Outdoors

    Episode 17

    Over the counter elk hunting in Colorado. We’re going to kill an Elk someday!

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  • Bull Elk of a LIFETIME... WITH A BOW!! • Heartland Bowhunter • Behind the Draw

    Episode 18

    Skyler kicks off the season with a trip to Flatwillow Creek in Montana with an elk tag and a deer tag in his pocket. Little does he know he is going to get the chance at a bull elk of a lifetime.

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  • 5 Day Backcountry Utah Elk Hunting • Heartland Bowhunter • Behind the Draw

    Episode 19

    With a rare any weapons tag in pocket, Nate heads to Utah to chase giant bull elk in the backcountry. See how this hunt unfolds over his 6 day hunt!

  • Elk Smash Burgers with Daniel Haas • Ingredient Wild

    Episode 20

    Daniel Haas has perfected the wild game smash burger, made usually with venison or elk. He's made it for the Mossy Oak folks plenty of times, so we can attest to how good they are. This is the best smash burger recipe.

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  • HuntChef Sportsman Channel Ep 7 • Elk Backstrap • Spaetzle

    Episode 21

    A Dangerously Delicious Spin on a German favorite! Elk Backstrap Seasoned Perfectly with HuntChef Canadian Carnivore, Wild Hen of the Woods Mushrooms and Easy Homemade Spaetzle with HuntChef Party Fowl.

  • HuntChef Sportsman Channel Ep 6 • Elk Backstrap • Cheesy Grits • Collard Greens

    Episode 22

    My New Mexico Bull Elk Harvest! Blackened Elk Backstrap Medallions with HuntChef Big Sexy Beast Rub over Cheesy Grits with HuntChef Feather Duster, the Best Collard Greens and My Signature Vinegar Slaw Recipes!

  • New Mexico Muzzleloader Elk Hunt • Chris Paradise • Straight Huntin'

    Episode 23

    Mossy Oak's Chris Paradise sets out to find a big bull in New Mexico. It's no easy hunt--his muzzleloader delays on what would have been a perfect shot and he put in double digit miles every day, but his persistence pays off with a bull on the ground.

  • Rocky Mountain Giant, Late Season Plans • Dream Season Live

    Episode 24

    On this week's episode of Dream Season Live, we join Tayler Riggen, as he heads into the Rocky Mountains of Colorado in pursuit of a bull elk. Tayler is hunting with the Rocky Mountain elk foundation, and putting miles on the boots paid off when Tayler was able to wrap his tag around his biggest ...