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From freshwater lakes and streams to saltwater oceans and seas, Elements tells the stories of those completely obsessed with fishing.

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  • Brandon Lester • Elements

    In this episode of Mossy Oak Elements we dive in to the life of Brandon Lester as he pursues his dream of fishing for a living, chasing bass from the famous Lake El Salto all the way back home.

  • Brandon Cobb • Elements

    Episode 2

    Brandon Cobb gives us insight into his tournament and bass fishing roots.

  • Johnnie Candle • Elements

    Episode 3

    In this episode of Elements, we follow Johnnie Candle on his journey to becoming a professional angler.

  • Billy Wells • Elements

    Episode 4

    Get a taste of Mexican Gulf Fishing Company's, Billy Wells in his element... Off Shore Fishing

  • Paul Miller • Elements • Mexican Gulf Fishing Company, Louisiana • Elements

    Episode 5

    From backwaters to bluewater, saltwater fishing is in Paul's blood. Ride along as we explore Paul's story of growing up along the coast, his profession as a fishing guide, and why being on the water truly puts Paul in his Element.

    Want to fish with Paul? Find him here:

  • Fly Fishing the Soque River with Jessi Cole • Mossy Oak Elements

    Episode 6

    Mossy Oak's Jessi Cole returns to the place she first learned to fly fish--the mountains of Georgia. While catching trout on flies she tied earlier that morning, we learn how she discovered the sport and how her passion for all things fly fishing grew.

  • Jordan Ellis of Mexican Gulf Fishing • Elements

    Episode 7

    Do what you love for a living. That’s what the dream is, and Jordan Ellis is living out his. He’s a saltwater captain down in Louisiana who helps his customers reel in the best fish, from tuna to blue marlins. We had the opportunity to film a day in the life of Jordan Ellis, and it was a dang goo...

  • Drew Benton • Elements

    Episode 8

    Bassmaster Elite Angler, Drew Benton, dives deep into how the need to be outside drove his choice in career and honed his competitive edge.