2021 DU TV

2021 DU TV

13 Episodes

We've got the 2021 Season of Ducks Unlimited TV!

2021 DU TV
  • North Dakota Early Goose All about the Canada Goose • DU TV

    Episode 1

    The DUTV Crew kicks off another exciting season with the favorite pursuit of hunters across the country, the Canada Goose. From the vital prairie pothole region of North Dakota interviews from expert biologists shed light on the conservation success of this spectacular adapter. Host Fred Zink off...

  • All about Blue Wing Teal • DU TV

    This week on DUTV Co-Host Fred Zink heads down to the gulf coast of texas in hot pursuit of the scorching Blue Wing Teal. Along the way Fred Zink sits down with Charles Stutzenbaker, author, and expert of these feathered rockets, to talk about the wonderful species, Blue Wing Teal. Waterfowl see ...

  • Spread Oaks hunts • DU TV

    Spread Oaks is a premier waterfowling destination on the wintering habitat of the Texas Coast. The DUTV crew enjoys the fruits of incredible management practices. Fred Zink and DU CEO Adam Putnam catch up to the fast and furious blue wing teal in this action-packed episode of DUTV. Learn how Duck...

  • Oregon Hunts – Summer lake and Bend Oregon Hunts • DU TV

    The DUTV Crew heads out on a swing through the wide-open spaces of the West coast. The adventure begins on the beautiful public land habitat of Summer Lake, Oregon. The DUTV crew shares in the excitement of the opening day of the waterfowling season with some wonderful volunteers from the Summer ...

  • Washington • DU TV

    Episode 5

    The DUTV wraps up their West Coast swing in the gorgeous state of Washington. DUTV host Doug Larsen gets a chance to share the blind with Kent, a wildfire firefighter, on some private ground. Beautiful scenery made for some good hunting on the opening weekend despite some challenging weather cond...

  • South Dakota • DU TV

    Episode 6

    The DUTV crew heads back to the historic prairie pothole region to explore all that the wonderful state of South Dakota has to offer. DUTV host Doug Larsen teams up with key volunteers in South Dakota to freelance for some hunting opportunities for ducks, geese, and South Dakota’s upland game key...

  • Illinois • DU TV

    Episode 7

    DUTV host Doug Larsen touches down in an iconic waterfowling area of Illinois. He hunts with some DU volunteers and major donors in a mix of private and public properties. While there we talked about the historic nature of the area and preserving it for the future. On the final morning of the tri...

  • Port Clinton Ohio – Fred Zink and Chris P. Mossy Oak • DU TV

    Episode 8

    The DUTV crew met up with DUTV host Fred Zink on his home dirt for a good time with good friends. Arriving just before a strong snow front is moving in, the DUTV crew watches Mallards and black ducks dump in. Joining Fred is a long-time friend and SVP Chief Sales Officer of Mossy Oak, Chris Parad...

  • Port Clinton Ohio – Fred and DU Biologists and Federal Refuge Managers • DU TV

    Episode 9

    The DUTV Crew continues their time with DUTV Host Fred Zink on his home dirt, chasing eager mallards, black ducks, and Canada Geese. In this episode, Fred looks back at the waterfowling history of his home state. We learn about Ohio’s Great Black Swamp from those who are fighting to restore and e...

  • Tippo Mississippi – DU University Chapter Leaders • DU TV

    Episode 10

    The DUTV crew heads down to the Delta of Mississippi for some good times with young leaders in the conservation effort. DUTV hostess Ashley Horobetz and her husband Mark Horobetz are joined by two DU University leaders from Rival Schools. Mississippi State and Ole Miss have long butted heads on t...

  • Paducah Kentucky – Higdon Farms • DU TV

    Episode 11

    The DUTV crew teams up with the folks at Higdon Outdoors. For years Higdon Outdoors has strived to blaze its trail of innovation by providing quality outdoor products. DUTV host Doug Larsen joins Ben Higdon and Brook Richard talking tactics and innovation.

    For all your hunting gear needs, head t...

  • Texas Coast El Campo • DU TV

    Episode 12

    The DUTV Crew heads down to the Texas Gulf Coast in pursuit of a mixed bag of waterfowl. DUTV Host Ashley Horobetz learns about the 30th anniversary of the Texas Prairie Wetlands program and how it has helped to restore and enhance the vitally important wintering habitat of the Texas Gulf Coast.

  • DUTV Best of 2020-2021 • DU TV

    Episode 13

    In this Episode of DUTV, we take a chance to reflect on another historic season gone by. As we look to the future of waterfowling and conservation two outstanding young men are the focus of this episode. The Lange brothers received a Ducks Unlimited Scholarship due to their tireless efforts as le...