4 Seasons

Focused on passing along hard-earned whitetail knowledge, and on paying tribute to the veterans who've kept our country fee.

  • Scouting the Plains • Where to Hang a Stand in the Open

    Episode 1

    Finding yourself in bow range of a big buck in a place where both you and he can see forever is a challenge, but one that’s well-met when our crew arrives in North Dakota.

  • Pre Rut vs. Post Rut • Hunting All Stages

    Episode 2

    Big skies look down on big bucks as our crew visits both Kansas and Montana for a wide-open archery adventure. We cover pre rut and post rut hunting tactics, watch now.

  • All Day Long • Patient Sits Pay Off in the Woods

    Episode 3

    A good dose of patience is a key part of any deer hunter’s equipment. We’ll follow two hunts in the Buckeye State that involve long sits and rewards in the form of big bucks.

  • How to Hunt Canada • Wilderness Hunting Techniques

    Episode 4

    Big bucks are what bring whitetail hunters to Canada, and this trip certainly delivers. Walk with us as we endure the heavy snow and freezing cold to bring you tips from the field and exiting footage of big Canadian bucks.

  • Kansas Crickets • To Decoy or Not

    Episode 5

    Hunters from Mississippi and Louisiana head to the Midwest in search of the big bucks that roam the Great Plains.

  • Hometown Ground Blinds • Backyard Bucks

    Episode 6

    Kevin and Tammy Burleson appreciate the resource found abundantly in the Heart of Texas. Hunting brings them closer together and puts meat on the table as well. We’ll follow them as they find out what really roams the woods near home.

  • Snowy Buck Paradise • Saskatchewan State of Mind

    Episode 7

    The big bucks of the far north draw hunters from around the world every year. We’ll follow a quest to the frozen tundra and see if Fred Law can drive some dreams of his own at the Canadian River Hilton.

  • Welcome to the Hilton • Growing Big Deer

    Episode 8

    The big bucks of the Great Plains grow healthy and strong under the care of wise land managers, who supply comforts for deer and hunters alike. We’ll follow a quest to the wide open places and see how big the deer grow.

  • Returning the Favor • Kansas Hunter Heads South

    Episode 9

    Discussions of our favorite bow or gun fill many a night ‘round the campfire, but the chance to put any of them into service trumps all arguments every time. We’ll follow a hunter from Kansas south to Mississippi and see how the game is both different and the same.

  • Property of Mossy Oak • Chasing Whitetail with Mossy Oak Properties

    Episode 10

    Mossy Oak Properties agents appreciate the land and the resource unlike any other. We’ll follow two of them on a Texas deer hunt that’ll prove that point beyond all doubt.

  • Deep in the Heart of Iowa • Big Bucks of the Midwest

    Episode 11

    Kevin Burleson heads to Iowa to hunt the slug gun season for big whitetail bucks.

  • The Rewards of Giving Back • Part 1 - Veterans Hunting South Georgia

    Episode 12

    This week we’ll visit with veterans who know the meaning of sacrifice, and we’ll share time with them in the whitetail woods of southern Georgia.

  • The Rewards of Giving Back • Part 2 - Veterans Hunting South Georgia

    Episode 13

    Hunting with wounded veterans in south Georgia, late in the whitetail season using rifles in the pine woods.