4 Seasons

Focused on passing along hard-earned whitetail knowledge, and on paying tribute to the veterans who've kept our country fee.

  • A New Season • The Excitement of Opening Day

    Episode 1

    The big bucks that lurk through the dark timber and deep swamps all year long are often most accessible during a new season’s first days, a fact our crew found out first hand on this adventure.

  • An Early Start • Young Guns on the Trigger

    Episode 2

    The best in the business can make that claim, not because of the knowledge they have, but because of the knowledge they can share. Spending time in the stand with hunters new to the game is what a thriving tradition is all about.

  • Cold as Christmas in Canada • Big Bucks on the Move

    Episode 3

    The bucks of the far north pick up speed as the season progresses, responding to the cold and the rut in equal measure. Our crew visits Alberta both early and late and find deer that make all the many miles between worthwhile.

  • Breaking New Ground • Learning on the Move

    Episode 4

    Midwestern deer follow their travel routes, and so do our hunters as they hang stands, call and create opportunities for themselves deep in the deer woods.

  • Under Pressure • Making the Most of Movement

    Episode 5

    Making the most of the Ohio rut requires both patience and skill, not to mention a sharp eye. Our crew lands in the heat of the action and makes the most of the situation.

  • Keeping it Real • Know What Your Deer Herd Holds

    Episode 6

    Hunting new ground means learning what to expect and when. Our crew picks up the knowledge pretty quickly, though, and makes some long hours on the stand pay off.

  • Keeping it Cool • How Long Should a Stand Rest Between Hunts?

    Episode 7

    Bowhunting in the Texas brush is always a challenge, but the big bucks that call that land home make hunters bring their best game to the stand.

  • Super Shooters • Rifles in the Heart of Texas

    Episode 8

    Hunters new and old feel the adrenaline rush when a big buck steps out. Our guys talk about what to look for in a mature buck, and they take a couple of their own.

  • Target Rich Environment • Bowhunting the Heart of Texas

    Episode 9

    Excitement builds as the big bucks are on the move in the Heart of Texas.

  • To Hunt or Guide • Joy of Experiences Shared

    Episode 10

    Sharing the bounty of the great outdoors is one of the joys of a guide’s job. We’ll follow two young ladies to the Deep South and see what the legendary ground at Giles Island has in store.

  • Follow the Food • Late Season Food Plot Strategies

    Episode 11

    When the weather gets harsh and the food grows slim, the big bucks of the post-rut gravitate to the food plots that help them thrive all year long. Hunting their habits gets an extra measure of challenge when the end of a long season swings around, but the rewards are well worth the effort.