4 Seasons

Focused on passing along hard-earned whitetail knowledge, and on paying tribute to the veterans who've kept our country fee.

  • Bucks to the Core • Places the Big Deer Call Home

    Episode 1

    The big deer of Big Sky Country can be tough to pattern but, once a plan is in place, patience and persistence are all any hunter needs.

  • Midwestern Whitetail Masterpiece • Bucks on the Move

    Episode 2

    Archery season in the Midwest is always a special time. Two good friends make the most of it early in the whitetail year.

  • Texas Family Time • Good Time in a Ground Blind

    Episode 3

    Families that hunt together stay together, and Kevin Burleson’s crew is as tight as any. The time they share bowhunting from ground blinds in Texas is one of the highlights of their year.

  • Fire and Ice • Cold Days and Hot Bucks

    Episode 4

    The big bucks of the frozen north move best when the weather is the worst, just the time when hunters have the most trouble sitting still.

  • Debts of Honor • Roads to Recovery

    Episode 5

    The soldiers who sacrifice their freedoms so we may depend on ours always earn our highest degrees of gratitude. We’ll follow a group to northeastern Florida for a deer hunt and a shared camp that’ll always be one for the record book.

  • Big Bucks on Small Ground • The Right Acres are Just Right

    Episode 6

    The Texas panhandle combines the best of the brush and the plains and grows whitetail deer as big as those found anywhere. We’ll follow the excitement into the great wide open and see what two long-time hunters make of some big opportunities.

  • Battling Kansas Bruisers • Big Deer in the Midwest

    Episode 7

    The open plains and hardwood breaks of Kansas hold their own when it comes to big buck territory, a fact our crew proved for themselves with a decoy, some calls and cool, calm patience.

  • An Early Start • Pint-sized Hunters Perform

    Episode 8

    Our biggest smiles come from watching the smallest hunters experience the joy of the outdoors for themselves in their first times. Two youngsters get their first tastes of buck fever and find it to their liking.

  • Texas Heat • Hot Times in the Heart of Texas

    Episode 9

    Big bucks and high adrenaline highlight a trip to Texas during the long deer season of the Lone Star State.

  • Lone Star Shooters • Texas Whitetail Excitement

    Episode 10

    Hunters from all across America come to the Heart of Texas for a chance at one of the wild, walking legends that call this country home.

  • Maturing with the Deer • Lessons from the Treestand

    Episode 11

    This week the THUGs discuss what time of season your chance to kill a mature buck is better and Deer Thug Justin Eakins tries to redeem himself after last years miss on a mature buck.