Deer Season

Deer Season

Deer Season
  • The Culling Effect • Gamekeeper Scope Films

    This GameKeeper Scope Film explores the details of a decade long study by Texas A and M into the effects of culling on free range white tailed deer genetics.See the only known high speed footage of aerial deer captures and understand the methodology and results of this first of its kind study.

  • Grey Light • Pale Horse

    "It's way more than a hobby or just something I'm passionate about. It's part of who I am." Watch the season long pursuit of whitetail and what it means to return year after year.

  • Flatlanders

    1 season

    Flatlanders is a high-energy show that strives to bring you the best hunting adventures from throughout the Midwest! We bring viewers along as we face the ups and downs of unforgettable hunts for whitetail deer, elk, pronghorn, and more!

  • Flatland • Pale Horse

    "We want an animal that's been through the severe winters... a buck like that... it makes him incredibly difficult to hunt."

  • A Way Of Life

    1 season

    For many people, whitetail deer hunting is more than just a three-month season, it’s a way of life. For the Woodard Family of Mississippi and Colin Mann of Iowa, that is definitely the case. This series will highlight their way of life and the culture they were born to, ensuring that rural Americ...

  • Whitetail Edge

    3 seasons

    Whitetail Edge, hosted by Ohio-native Ben Rising, is filmed all over the Midwest. Rising and his team film all fair chase, self-guided hunts and provide in-depth information for viewers in each episode. Rising and his team are constantly striving to not only be a source of entertainment, but a so...