104 Episodes

Before you head into the whitetail woods, browse our extensive collection of deer hunting videos and articles. For beginners and experts alike. From thrilling hunts to helpful hints, there’s always something to learn from watching the country’s top whitetail hunters ply their craft — and whole a lot to enjoy.


    Episode 1

    We're roadtripping with the Mossy Oak Starcraft from Mississippi to Nebraska. Join me, Bubba and Charlie O'Brien as we (attempt to) chase some public land whitetails.

  • Dream Bucks • Shooters

    Episode 2

    Neill Haas and Jody Davis hunt the Deep South and get monster Alabama and Mississippi bucks. Bobby Cole and Justin Eakins hunt north of the border in Saskatchewan and take a couple chocolate-antlered giants.

  • Cold Weather Nebraska Whitetails

    Episode 3

    Mossy Oak’s own Ben Maki waits on a monster Nebraska whitetail in the brutal cold.


    Episode 4

    It finally happened, y'all. Cranky got his first deer!

  • Grey Light • Pale Horse

    Episode 5

    "It's way more than a hobby or just something I'm passionate about. It's part of who I am." Watch the season long pursuit of whitetail and what it means to return year after year.

  • Bloodline • Pale Horse

    Episode 6

    Watch a story that runs deep in the blood for a deer hunting family in Georgia.

  • Flatland • Pale Horse

    Episode 7

    "We want an animal that's been through the severe winters... a buck like that... it makes him incredibly difficult to hunt."

  • Western Oklahoma Winter Whitetails

    Episode 8

    In this episode of Impulse, we follow Jody Davis on his quest for his first mature buck with archery equipment.

  • Boot Leather & Bucks • The Hunger

    Episode 9

    Hunting deer on public land—especially during opening week—can be one of the greatest challenges a big-game hunter will ever encounter. This mule deer hunt in Wyoming was a prime example: intense hunting pressure, unseasonable weather, property boundaries, and mostly nocturnal bucks made it extre...

  • Grant Kypers • Life As An Outfitter

    Episode 10

    Grant Kypers, a life long friend, farmer and outfitter from Paradise Hill, Saskatchewan, has played a major role in lending Mossy Oak a hand is producing TV show hunts over the past 15 plus years from Whitetail, Waterfowl, and Bears. In his Specialist piece we tell the story of how his father gav...

  • Cranky Got Craig!

    Episode 11

    It happened, y'all. Cranky got a buck!

  • Field to Freezer Part 2 • Backstrap and Inside Tenders

    Episode 12

    In Part 2 of the 4-part Field to Freezer series, expert processor Adam Eller, shows you how to remove and cut the backstraps and tenderloins.

  • Field to Freezer Part 1 • Quartering Big Game

    Episode 13

    In Part 1 of the 4-part Field to Freezer series, expert processor Adam Eller, shows you how to quarter a deer.

  • Field to Freezer Part 4 • Deboning the Hind Quarters

    Episode 14

    In Part 4 of of the 4-part Field to Freezer series expert processor Adam Eller, shows you how to debone the hind quarters and cut steaks.

  • Mississippi Velvet • Mr. Fox Haas

    Episode 15

    At the age of 88, Mr. Fox Haas connects with a rare late-season velvet buck in this episode of The Obsessed

  • Field to Freezer Part 3 • Deboning the Front Shoulders and Neck

    Episode 16

    In Part 3 of the 4-part Field to Freezer series, expert processor Adam Eller, shows you how to debone the front shoulders and neck meat.

  • Miles, Mud and Stood Up

    Episode 17

    I'm back in the woods with my buddy Dale Bentley at Illinois Whitetail & Waterfowl. We've been raising money for the Quality Deer Management Association and now we are hoping to connect with one they're calling The Unicorn.

  • Beginnings • Seek One

    Episode 18

    In the very first episode of Seek | One, Drew and Lee introduce each other and provide a background of their suburban hunting experiences in the suburbs of Atlanta, Georgia.

  • Overtime • Seek One

    Episode 19

    After a tough season and a string of bad luck, Lee finally connects on a late season 151" nine pointer.

  • Bane I • Seek One

    Episode 20

  • Maxwell II • Seek One

    Episode 21

    Drew connects on the first buck of the season, a 172" giant. This hunt is as suburban as it gets!

  • Tyson • Seek One

    Episode 22

    Lee introduces his #1 buck for the season, a massive non-typical named Tyson. Lee has a pre-season encounter with Tyson, then an intense encounter with a poacher while hunting.

  • Maxwell I • Seek One

    Episode 23

    Drew locates a buck he's named Maxwell and has multiple face to face encounters with him. Maxwell is locked down in a tiny block of woods and Drew pushes his luck on getting hunting permission.

  • Bane II • Seek One

    Episode 24

    The 170" eight pointer known as Bane haunted Lee Ellis for two years. With four years of trial camera pictures, two seasons hunting, over sixty sits in the stand, seven encounters, and two missed opportunities, the hunt for Bane is the type of story that we love to tell. We show it all in this tw...