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Before you head into the whitetail woods, browse our extensive collection of deer hunting videos and articles. For beginners and experts alike. From thrilling hunts to helpful hints, there’s always something to learn from watching the country’s top whitetail hunters ply their craft — and whole a lot to enjoy.

  • Oklahoma and Optics • Whitetail Deer Rifle Hunt • Straight Huntin'

    Episode 1

    John Snodgrass (Leupold) joins the Mossy Oak crew at Canadian River Hilton for a fantastic Oklahoma buck rifle hunt. Afterward, John and Justin Eakins (CRH) test out some optics on the rifle range followed by quick doe hunt.
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  • JJ's 180" Illinois Mega-Giant! The Hunt For Goofy | Dream Season Live

    Episode 2

    On this episode of Leupold's Dream Season Live, we are kicking things off in the great state of Iowa with Christian Dekker. Christian makes a move on his farm with a risky wind, and it pays off in a huge way as he is able to fill his tag on a massive buck, he has history with that he calls Goofy....

  • Hunting Giant Bucks In Illinois, Christian's Biggest Buck | Dream Season Live

    Episode 3

    On this episode of Leupold's Dream Season Live, we are kicking things off in the Show-Me state with the Morris family! Nick and Mason put their efforts into helping youth hunter, and family friend, Christian Cherry bag his first ever Missouri Whitetail. Following this, we head East to join father...

  • Introducing The Team, Summer Scouting And Preparation | Dream Season Live

    Episode 4

    With high hopes for another great year, first we join Brandon Quant and his cousin Jason Quant in Illinois as they are putting plans in place for a giant buck they call Half Rack. Following this we join the guys in both Missouri and Iowa to get updates and hear about their plans to have the best ...

  • Insane Rut Hunt | Dream Season Live

    Episode 5

    Top whitetail hunters Carson Brandt and Nick Morris get after their target bucks during the critical pre-rut period. Watch as Carson seals the deal on a giant Iowa bruiser with an up-close sneak calling encounter. Meanwhile, Nick shares his self-filmed close call in Missouri. Hunter host Drake al...

  • Hunting October Cold Fronts, Darrin’s Ancient Iowa Bruiser | Dream Season Live

    Episode 6

    On this episode of Leupolds Dream Season Live we are kicking things off in Iowa. Darrin Ropp is hunting an old warrior on the first cold front that comes through the Midwest! Darrin is fortunate enough to punch his first tag of the season on a beautiful old 8 point at just 18 yards. Following thi...

  • Fired Up Missouri Buck, Gabby's Biggest Buck | Dream Season Live

    Episode 7

    On this episode of Leupold's Dream Season Live Ellie Meis Kicks things off in Iowa as she is on the hunt for a few different target bucks. Following this we join husband and wife duo, Zach and Gabby Playle, in Missouri as they use a decoy in early November. This big bruiser comes onto the field a...

  • Summer Trail Cameras, A GIANT Whitetail, And A Screaming Elk! | Deer Season 23

    Episode 8

    On This Episode of Deer Season 23 we are Kicking things off in Missouri With Wade Robinson, and Perry Battin as they deploy the first of many cameras for the 2023 Deer Season.
    After this the guys head to Iowa and start setting up the Reconyx cameras, and Mark gives some of his best tips on how to...

  • First Hunt Of 2023 On A Beautiful Wyoming Velvet Whitetail! | Deer Season '23

    Episode 9

    On this episode of Deer Season ‘23 we start off in Missouri with an update from Forrest Bonin on Terry’s food plots that are in need of some water. After that, we Join Matt Drury putting in scrape trees and adding the final touches on his farms before season starts.
    Following this, we join Perry ...

  • Planting Fall Destination Green Plots With Mark Drury | Deer Season 23

    Episode 10

    On this episode of Deer Season 23 we are kicking things off with Mark Wade and Perry as they start putting their minds to work on strategies for this fall's green plots.
    Mark gives his take on plant date as it applies to the desired end result. He talks through the differences between a destinati...

  • 2 Unfortunate Heartbreaks While Shed Hunting Southern Iowa | Deer Season '23

    Episode 11

    Starting things off, Mark gives us a little farm update on what seeds they are planting this year and the reasons behind it. Up next we join Wade and Perry along with the rest of the Iowa crew on their annual shed hunt. Putting in some miles and finding some big antlers to show for it. It wasn't ...

  • Two Tags Punched In Iowa By Mark Drury & Dustin Lynch | Deer Season 2023

    Episode 12

    In this episode of Deer Season ‘23, we are in Iowa with our good friend Dustin Lynch and Mark Drury! Dustin Lynch rolls into town with an Iowa bow tag in hand and couldn't have arrived at a better time. Hunting over cut corn during the late October cold front, Dustin was able to punch his covenan...

  • First Buck For Catch-A-Dream Hunter Cooper! | Deer Season '23

    Episode 13

    On this episode of Deer Season 23 we are in Iowa for our favourite hunt of the entire Season! We are joining Cooper Brady and his family, along with our good friend Spencer Brunson, for our annual Catch-A-Dream hunt thanks to the Catch-A-Dream foundation. Cooper has been battling Osteo Sarcoma an...

  • Perry's Best Season Yet! | Deer Season '23

    Episode 14

    Perry Battin and and Mark Drury hunt one of their most sought after bucks - "Flop", a legendary 7.5 year old deer with a droopy ear. After setting up in a ground blind overlooking a clover and radish food plot, Flop appears during the golden hour. Perry gets a challenging quartering away shot an...

  • Three Bucks Down In Missouri Rifle Camp | Deer Season 23

    Episode 15

    On this episode of Deer Season '23, we're heading to Missouri rifle camp for an awesome week of hunting. Bruce Pettet and Coon Dog killed early and if you want to check those hunts out head over to Episode 7 of Dream Season Live. First up, we have Wade Robinson heading into the new farm sitting o...

  • Summer Prep That Leads To Fall Success, Wade's Ancient 8 Point | Deer Season 23

    Episode 16

    On this episode of Deer Season ‘23, we are in southern Iowa with Mark, Wade, and Perry, for some pre-season preparation. We start things off by planting our nutrien bean variety and later putting up Hotwire fencing to protect them from browse pressure. Marks gives some great tips and tricks on pl...

  • Indy • Whitetail Edge

    Episode 17

    2 hunts in 20 minutes, my biggest-bodied whitetail to date! In this episode of Whitetail Edge, Dylon Gandee heads to Indiana to hunt with team member Jeff Klump. Dylon tags his heaviest deer to date and Jeff has a 3-year chase come to an unfortunate end.

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  • Ranger • Whitetail Edge

    Episode 18

    In this episode of Whitetail Edge Ben Rising tags his 3rd 200" whitetail in the state of Illinois. Enjoy!

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  • Giant Typical Buck (Ohio) • Whitetail Edge

    Episode 19

    In this episode, Dylon Gandee, finds success in the early Ohio season on a Giant typical whitetail.

  • Colorado Mule Deer • Behind the Season

    Episode 20

    After slow start, patience pays off for our hunter/guide duo with a 12-point mule deer with near-perfect symmetry. You've got to see this buck!

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  • Kansas Archery Part 1 • Behind the Season

    Episode 21

    Join Tyler Weaver as he kicks off the rut hunt for the giant buck "Clydesdale" he's been chasing for 2.5 years. After snagging a tricky quartering shot, the tracking mission becomes an all-night grind. With help from the guys, they persevere on the blood trail. Their perseverance pays off as Tyle...

  • Rusty's North Texas Rifle Buck Straight Huntin'

    Episode 22

    Another year at Canadian River Hilton! Another year of success! With land in both Western Oklahoma and Northern Texas, Justin Eakins and crew continue to provide plenty of opportunity for great whitetail bucks! Rusty McDaniels gets this big Northern Texas buck when he pops up out of the brush in ...

  • Texas ProStaff Rifle Hunt Part 2 • Straight Huntin'

    Episode 23

    The action continues at Heart of Texas Bowhunting! Mossy Oak’s Pro-Staff Manager of the Year, DJ Randolph, has encounter after encounter including a heart-stopping close-call rattling up not one, but two bucks in a matter of minutes! DJ finishes his hunt waiting patiently as a great Texas buck ru...

  • Jason Hart’s Ohio Archery GIANT • Whitetail Deer • Straight Huntin'

    Episode 24

    Whitetail Edge’s Ben Rising invited Mossy Oak’s Jason Hart up to Ohio on an early season bow hunt. Using the Moultrie Mobile Edge Pro camera, Ben was able to scout out and pattern some big deer for Hart to hunt. Some hunters have all the luck…the first afternoon, a beautiful, mature whitetail wal...