Dead End

Dead End

6 Seasons

The Guys from Dead End Game Calls are back at it! Going across the states, seeking the adrenaline rush that only turkeys can give a hunter.

Dead End
  • Low Country Velvet • Dead End Game Calls

    Episode 4

    August 15th is usually when most hunters are finalizing their food plots and checking their buck inventor with their trail cameras but Mitchell and Mason are heading south with the rifles in tote to climb into a tree stand for opening day. An old friendship brings a new opportunities for Mitchel...

  • A Father's Rifle • Dead End Game Calls

    Episode 1

    After a successful trip to Missouri for an Outdoor Dream Foundation hunt, the weather heats up and the deer movement shuts down. This gives Patrick time to double check the zero on his father’s 30-06 and as the weather turns cold again, Patrick heads back to Missouri for opening day of rifle seas...

  • The Home Buck • Dead End Game Calls

    Episode 2

    While in Missouri, Patrick gets a notification from his Browning trail camera that an old familiar buck has returned to his home farm in East Tennessee. As Patrick heads home and gets settled in, ’The Home Buck’ starts moving in the daylight hours and Patrick makes his plans to hunt for an East T...

  • The Kansas Surprise • Dead End Game Calls

    Episode 3

    Good Friends Jason Russell, Matt Renner and Mark Porter are headed to Kansas with early season muzzleloader tags. Jason gets to punch his tags quick but Matt and Mark have no such luck. Matt gets a chance to return during in early December and Patrick follows along as the cameraman. The weather g...