Dead End

Dead End

4 Seasons

The Guys from Dead End Game Calls are back at it! Going across the states, seeking the adrenaline rush that only turkeys can give a hunter.

Dead End
  • Easton's Iowa Buck • Dead End Game Calls

    Episode 1

    In this episode we join Patrick and the Dead End crew in Iowa for the Outdoor Dream Foundation whitetail deer hunts. Patrick teams up with Easton and his dad Cody in hopes of helping Easton put a tag on an Iowa buck.

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  • Easton in Montana • Dead End Game Calls

    Episode 2

    With the help of the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, Easton and his Dad get to travel to Montana where Easton has a whitetail deer tag and a bull elk tag. Mitchell, Jeremy and Possum follow along with the cameras as Easton and his Dad get to make a few more memories together in the great outdoors....

  • His Plan • Dead End Game Calls

    Episode 3

    In this episode we tag along with the Russell family, Jason and his son Diesel. Jason heads to Kansas with a muzzleloader tag in his pocket and Diesel goes after his first blow kill back home in Tennessee. The ideal game plan worked out for Jason but for Diesel, watch and find out.

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  • Foundation for Hope • Dead End Game Calls

    Episode 5

    In this episode, Mark Porter heads to Michigan with his family for a Foundation For Hope hunt camp. With this hunt camp having a history of a very high success rate for the hunters, Mark is hopeful that he can capture some dreams coming true for Jordan and Spencer. We trust that this episode wi...

  • David's Surprise • Dead end Game Calls

    Episode 5

    In this episode we follow David Dorman as he hunts one of his farms in Kentucky after work. David didn’t have many shooter bucks on his Browning trail cameras so he does some scouting and finds a handful of white oaks that are dropping acorns before the cold front comes through his area. What p...

  • Paisley's Buckeye Buck • Dead End Game Calls

    Episode 7

    Sometimes it's who you know and not what you know. Mark Porter gets an invite through a friend of a friend to take his daughter Paisley to Ohio on a hunt for her first buck. What starts as a trip that might not happen turns out to be a father-daughter hunt that they both will remember for a lif...

  • Ryan's Buck • Dead End Game Calls

    Episode 8

    Ryan Bailey has been traveling north to Ohio for several years and each year he has had some close encounters with nothing to show for it. In this episode we follow him back to Ohio for the 2022 season as he continues his pursuit to fill his Ohio buck tag.

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