Cuz 411

Cuz 411

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Welcome to our little patch of internet dirt where we go behind the scenes with Mossy Oak’s Cuz Strickland. He’s got how-tos, tips, tricks & the latest 411. We’re sharing hunting camp 365!

Cuz 411
  • Seamark Benefit Hunt

    Episode 1

    They’re gobbling good in Florida! We’re at the fundraising hunt for Seamark Ranch children’s home. We've raised the money, now let's raise a few longbeards!

    Big thanks to the Davis family, the generous hunters who support Seamark Ranch, Keith & Jacob Kelly and all of the amazing guides and...

  • Cloud 9

    Episode 2

    Veterans hunt #2 was awesome. 23 year U.S. Army vet Martin Steiner from VA sent one to meet the Lord and shortly after, boom, Patrick Griffith closed the deal. His first hunt ever. We are on cloud 9. Thanks to Joe Hilliard for being a turkey magnet and to ol' Greg Briggs “The Hammer” for letting ...

  • Veteran's First Turkey

    Episode 3

    Meet U.S. Army Sgt Major Joe Corcoran and his first turkey. He says it took him 49 years to get one. God bless his determination, courage and character and all of his military brothers and sisters.

  • Cranky Chronicles I

    Episode 4

    Hitting the Mississippi turkey woods with my youngest grandson Ben aka "Cranky." He's going after his first bird (longbeard or Jake) and we've been getting whooped.


    Episode 5

    We're breaking in the camper and breaking out in a sweat as we celebrate our first hunt of the year! You gotta love early season in Mississippi. Thanks for watching!

  • Cranky Chronicles II

    Episode 6

    Whooped again. No gobbling on the roost. The “devil” and his two demons stepped in the opening hard left (no shot), stood there gobbling at the decoys for 10 minutes, then walked east gobbling on their own until they were too far to hear. I’ve got to get Cranky another spot.


    Episode 7

    Deer Valley has teamed up with Mossy Oak Nativ Living! We are in Tupelo at Southern Housing and we are touring the first ever NATIV LIVING COTTAGE by Deer Valley! You have to see the inside of this thing. I'm blown away!


    Episode 8

    We're roadtripping with the Mossy Oak Starcraft from Mississippi to Nebraska. Join me, Bubba and Charlie O'Brien as we (attempt to) chase some public land whitetails.


    Episode 9

    The maiden voyage with my camper is in the books! I drove to Georgia for the annual QDMA youth hunt and got paired up with Jimmy "The HEART." Do you remember your first hunt?


    Episode 10

    It finally happened, y'all. Cranky got his first deer!