Country Outdoors

Country Outdoors

5 Seasons

Zach and Mary Phillips and friends chronicle their outdoor and country music adventures in this new digital series. Presented by Camping World

Country Outdoors
  • Serious Fishing Tournament Ft. Josh Kiser • Country Outdoors

    Episode 1

    The Country outdoors crew heads to Reelfoot lake in TN to have themselves a fishing tournament with Josh Kiser.

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  • Sinking Zach's new Boat! Bowfishing for Gar • Country Outdoors

    Episode 2

    Zach's is proving he is a qualified captain! Zach and Mary are at a fundraiser for Special Ops Xcursions with friend and Country Music Artist Josh Bagwell. Zach eats BBQ while Josh entertains the crowd and plays his new song "Take That to the Bank". Afterward, They hit the water for some bowfishi...

  • Salt Water Fishing and Frogs Ft. Sydnie Wells • Country Outdoors

    Episode 3

    Sydnie Wells from @Barstool Outdoors is joining Mary for a fun-filled outdoor weekend in Charleston South Carolina. They're snatching frogs with Bassmaster Kyle Austin and going fishing with Four Sons Charters. Rough weather kept us from going after Mahi and got Zach good and sick. The girls suck...

  • Bowfishing for KY Big Boyz Ft. Dillon Carmichael • Country Outdoors

    Episode 4

    Country Outdoors is headed to Kentucky to meet up with Kentucky Big Boyz to do their part in putting a dent in the invasive carp population through bowfishing. Mary and Zach have Dillon Carmichael and Ben Ratliff joining them this week. Both are experienced fishermen but neither have done this ki...

  • Oklahoma Goat Rope • Country Outdoors

    Mary has to host her concert so Zach is going hunting!  The boys are headed to the Rock Bottom Ranch in Oklahoma to hunt with Zach's old friend Lee Ticknor. Cameraman Coty from Wisconsin gets a crash course on how things run at the Rock Bottom Ranch!  

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  • We're Gonna Get an Elk... Someday • Country Outdoors

    Episode 1

    Over the counter elk hunting in Colorado. We’re going to kill an Elk someday!

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  • Saskatchewan Buck Fever Pt. 1 • Country Outdoors

    Episode 4

    Zach and Mary go on their first Saskatchewan deer hunt! Saskatchewan Whitetails eh! A bucket list trip for Mary is coming true as they head to BRCO Hunts with Mike Tussey. Their tag is good for Whitetail and Mule deer but Mary has her sites set on her biggest whitetail buck. We have a bad case of...

  • American Threads, Sporting Clays with Tim Montana! • Country Outdoors

    Episode 2

    Country Outdoors enters Tim Montana's American Threads Charity Sporting Clays event to raise money for one of their favorite non profits Special Ops Xcursions.

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  • Flyover State Waterfowl • Country Outdoors

    Episode 3

    Zach and Mary are headed to Oklahoma for some duck hunting!

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  • Saskatchewan Buck Fever Pt. 2 • Country Outdoors

    Episode 5

    Mary has her sites set on her biggest whitetail buck. We have a bad case of the buck fever this week!

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  • Lowcountry Waterfowl • Country Outdoors

    Episode 6

    Back in June Zach and Mary attended the Swampfox Chapter NWTF banquet in the Lowcountry of South Carolina. Mary bought a duck hunt at the Wappaoolah Plantation with Mr. Bobby Mead. Unfortunately for Mary the date of the hunt is during her trip home to Australia. Fortunately for Zach he still gets...

  • The Turkey Tour is Back! • Country Outdoors

    The 2021 Turkey season is here and Country Outdoors host Zach and Mary Phillips are headed to South Florida to kick the party off! They are bringing Country Music star Meghan Patrick down for a crack at her first Osceola! The girls are on the trigger first. There’s a couple of surprise special gu...

  • But Did You Die? • Country Outdoors

    South Florida Part 2! Zach and Mary visit the Nomad boys at Osceola Outdoors. Dylan Marlow and Meghan Patrick play some tunes and keep everyone up way past their bed time! We have a couple more tags to fill and Dylan needs to kill his first Osceola. There’s a few obstacles thrown our way and Zac...

  • Country Music Comes to Mississippi! • Country Outdoors

    The Country Outdoors Turkey Tour rolls into Mississippi for Episode 3! Hosts Mary O'Neill and Zach Phillips are hunting with country music stars Sean Stemaly and Walker Montgomery. This episode is all about muddy boots, "almost shoots", wait. . . these are perfect lyrics for a song!

  • Music City Turkeys! Part 1 • Country Outdoors

    Zach and Mary Phillips are kicking off the 2021 Tennessee turkey season! They start off with friend Gordon Watts taking a youth for his first hunt ever and finish the episode out at Ozora Farms with Jon Langston !

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  • Music City Turkeys!  Part 2 • Country Outdoors

    Zach and Mary in Nashville Tennessee celebrating the best time of year!  They're meeting up with Country Artists Adam Sanders and Drew Baldridge for Drew's first ever turkey hunt!  They spend the rest of the day trying to get Mary on a turkey to make up for Zach shooting one out from under her th...

  • Music City Turkeys!  Part 3 • Country Outdoors

    Zach and Mary are spending their last couple of days in Tennessee with their good friend Gordon Watts. These are the two days of hunting we dream about all year long!  The turkeys are gobbling their brains out and Zach's trigger finger lands him in more trouble with Mary!   

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  • NWTF Oklahoma Turkey Hunt - Kylie Frey 1st hunt! • Country Outdoors

    ​ The NWTF hosts a fun filled weekend of hunting in Oklahoma! Country artist and turkey hunter Mo Pitney joins us along with first time turkey hunter and amazing country artist Kylie Frey! Our friend Jason Hart is in camp sharing his knowledge and stories. We were lucky enough to have chef Gerard...

  • Hunting Heals • Country Outdoors

    "We experience'd a tragic accident while driving to the Old West Invitational Shoot. We lost a lot, including a pup, our camera gear and all of our hunting gear... but that did not stop us showing up to support the town of Hulett for the Old West Invitational Turkey Hunt.

    ""We wanted to express...

  • Nebraska Turkey Hunting - Poo Santa's in Basement? • Country Outdoors

    This week we’re in one of our favorite places… Nebraska! Our buddy Kyle joins us for one of the most fun weeks of turkey hunting we have ever had in pursuit of his first Rio Grande turkey. The turkey hunting is at it’s finest but the crew also gets to experience a cattle branding and the larges...