Classic Clips Waterfowl

Classic Clips Waterfowl

47 Episodes

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Classic Clips Waterfowl
  • Delta Waterfowl Hunt 1

    Episode 1

    Duck hunting with Delta Waterfowl.

  • Fred Zink in Canada

    Episode 2

    Ducking hunting with Fred Zink.

  • Arkansas Ducks

    Episode 3

    Duck hunting in at the Buckshot Duck Lodge.

  • Buckshot Duck Lodge

    Episode 4

    Tom Matthews hunts at Buckshot Duck Lodge.

  • Ducks on Ice

    Episode 5

    An icy duck hunt with the Avery Crew.

  • Duck Hunt 6

    Episode 6

    Ducks Delta Waterfowl Manitoba Canada Marsh Hunt

  • Guides Day Out

    Episode 7

    The guides at Buckshot Duck Lodge go hunting.

  • Father and Son

    Episode 8

    Sam Counce and son hunt at Buckshot Duck Lodge.

  • SCWA 2001
    Episode 9

    SCWA 2001

    Episode 9

    SCWA Kids Event 2001.

  • Floating for Ducks

    Episode 10

    An Arkansas duck hunt on a War Eagle boat.

  • Mississippi Ducks

    Episode 11

    Mossy Oak President Bill Sugg joins Bo Prestidge for some Mississippi duck hunting.

  • Timber Ducks

    Episode 12

    Duck hunting in the timber.

  • Missed It By That Much

    Episode 13

    Duck do and don't fall in this hunt from Wildlife Inc.

  • Fred Zink in Canada 2

    Episode 14

    Duck hunting in Canada with Fred Zink.

  • Hen House
    Episode 15

    Hen House

    Episode 15

    A closer look at hen house research with Delta Waterfowl.

  • Ohio Goose Banding

    Episode 16

    An up close feature on goose banding in Ohio.

  • Bluebills in the Reeds

    Episode 17

    A great pot hole duck hunt in Canada with Delta Waterfowl.

  • Cajuns in Canada

    Episode 18

    Some Louisiana hunters travel to Canada.

  • 12-20 Goose Hunt

    Episode 19

    The 12-20 Goose Hunt.

  • Ducks Y’all • Waterfowl Hunting in Canada

    Episode 20

    For a group of waterfowling friends familiar only with the mud-in-your-ears experience of the Mississippi River bayou, a trip to Canada's prairie provided an eye-opening experience. We'll follow some great hunts and learn a lot about what makes the habitat tick as well.

  • Delta Waterfowl Goose Hunt 1

    Episode 21

    Hunting Geese in Canada with Delta Waterfowl.

  • Blind Luck • Waterfowl in Arkansas

    Episode 22

    This Mossy Oak Classic adventure took place at the Buckshot Duck Lodge in Arkansas. We follow three guides for one rare afternoon when they had no clients in the lodge and were able to have great fellowship and a great hunt.

  • A Best Friend's Man • Gun Dogs and Waterfowl in Mississippi

    Episode 23

    Some of the best friends we'll ever have walk on four legs rather than two. Meet the men behind Mossy Oak Kennels and see their students go to work.

  • Best of Whistling Wings 123

    Episode 24

    The excitement, magic and mystery that define days spent in the duck blind return to the air this spring with The Best of Whistling Wings. Perhaps, more than any other pursuit, the experience alone is what sets waterfowling apart. Days spent in the blind with good friends and hot coffee create th...