Classic Clips Antelope

Classic Clips Antelope

12 Episodes

Your favorite antelope hunting videos from the Mossy Oak archives.

Classic Clips Antelope
  • Western Elk • Bowhunting Elk in New Mexico and Antelope in Montana

    Episode 1

    Cuz Strickland bow hunts elk in New Mexico and Will Primos bow hunts antelope in Montana.

  • Western Plains Mixed Bag • Hunting Turkey and Antelope in Montana

    Episode 2

    Will Primos is back in camp for two adventures in Montana. First, we go along on a great spring turkey hunt, then we climb in the blind with Will has he enjoys a memorable antelope hunt with a bow. This is one show you don't want to miss!

  • I’d Do It the Same Way • Chasing Antelope in Wyoming

    Episode 3

    Long range rifle antelope hunting is great in Wyoming, especially with Bridger Wilderness Outfitters.

  • Will Primos Antelope Bow Hunt

    Episode 4

  • High Plains Pronghorn • Antelope Hunt in Colorado

    Episode 5

    Any hunt for the pronghorn is an exciting test of skill, but when you add in the variables found on the high plains of Colorado, you've got a real match made indeed. We'll hike and hide out on three exciting hunts for the Prince of the Plains, and see what happens when the game gets close in the ...

  • All Business • Rifle Hunting for Antelope in Wyoming

    Episode 6

    More than just a quest for game, the modern hunting lifestyle is all about the friendships that are created and sustained in the field. We'll follow a pair of western gentlemen as they revisit a lifetime of memories while making some new ones on a hunt for pronghorn amid the purple sage

  • It Is What It Is • Bowhunting for Antelope in Montana

    Episode 7

    The difference between the joys of success and the agonies of defeat is sometimes narrow, sometimes broad. When you've got a pair of veteran bowhunters from the Deep South mixed up with an effort to decoy and call pronghorn on the West's open plain, you're bound to be making memories at a mile a ...

  • Just a Bit Outside • Bowhunting for Antelope in North Dakota

    Episode 8

    As the company's flagship product for delivering the true, positive message of our sport, Mossy Oak's Hunting the Country continues to be the nation's leader in outdoor television. Mossy Oak's Hunting the Country is an action-packed half-hour of outdoor entertainment that carries the powerful mes...

  • It's Where You'd Rather Be • Prairie Pronghorn

    Episode 9

    Remington rifles in the wide open country of the West are just the ticket when it comes to chasing pronghorn.

  • Guts, Glory, Pronghorn • Hunting on the High Plains

    Episode 10

    A rifle hunt for pronghorn on the high plains of New Mexico makes for a hot time in more ways than one.

  • Pronghorns on the Great Plains • Hunting the Fastest Game in the West

    Episode 11

    We travel to Colorado with Golden Eagle Outfitters for a speed goat hunt on the wide open plains.

  • What’s Up Doc? • Bowhunting for Whitetail Deer in Wyoming

    Episode 12

    For heart surgeon and medical technology pioneer Warren Strickland, the challenge of bowhunting a rich habitat like that of Wyoming's alfalfa belt is just the ticket for a little stress relief. The challenges of a rich habitat where the deer, antelope, elk, moose and everything else play is one t...