Chasing Spring

Chasing Spring

2 Seasons

Welcome to Chasing Spring! Follow along as Brandon Pendergrass and Jeff Lovan hit the road traveling the country looking for hard gobbling longbeards…. Literally Chasing Spring!

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Chasing Spring
  • Ep 1 · MS · Chasing Spring

    Episode 1

    "Aint gonna lie...... this hunt isnt flashy!! Its as pure and as simple as a turkey hunter could ever want! We sat down on one gobblin hard on the limb and yelped him straight up a loggin road. "

  • Ep 2 · GA · Chasing Spring

    Episode 2

    We've made it to Georgia in Black Betty to spend a few days hunting with our buddies at JEB's choke tubes. Holy smokes they've got a phenomenal farm and it's always a blast sharing camp with Trey and Bobby Sears!!

  • Ep 3 · GA · Chasing Spring

    Episode 3

    "We're still in South Georgia with Bobby and Trey Sears at JEB's Choke Tubes and the hunting action is HOT!!! If you aren't shooting a JEBs, you simply aren't shooting the best!"

  • Ep 4 · GA · Chasing Spring

    Episode 4

    It's always fun to see someone experience the spring woods for the first time, and for Ms. Cindi, she saw it all unfold about as textbook as you could ever want!!!

  • Ep 5 · GA · Chasing Spring

    Episode 5

    Gotta love a mid-afternoon hunt when your coca-cola doesn't even have time to get warm! The boys were able to strike a bird and get back to the truck in a quick manner!

  • Ep 6 · GA · Chasing Spring

    Episode 6

    The boys have left the Jebs Choke’s farm and are headed north to the hills of North Georgia, and the hot streak they are riding keeps on rolling! They are able to set up on a tom right off the roost walking towards them.

  • Ep 7 · TN · Chasing Spring

    Episode 7

    They don't all come in breathing fire and putting on a show..... but they all taste the same after a few minutes in hot peanut oil!

  • Ep 8 · TN · Chasing Spring

    Episode 8

    After a slow start to the morning, they end up with a couple gobblers in tight....Pender takes a difficult shot on the second bird, and they all learn a valuable lesson about not just assuming that you missed.

  • Ep 9 · TN · Chasing Spring

    Hot gobbling and super-tight birds make Tennessee one of our favorite stops every spring! Even if it is in Spence’s honey holes!

  • Ep 10 · TN · Chasing Spring

    Episode 10

    That particular week it seemed like the Tennessee longbeards had a death wish, and we were in the business of granting wishes!! Coming in hot we were able to stop a big Tom in his tracks.

  • Ep 11 · TN · Chasing Spring

    Episode 11

    One last go at em in Tennessee with our buddy Grayson! No matter how many times you see it, it just never gets old!!! Long live springtime gobblin' turkeys!

  • Ep 12 · MO · Chasing Spring

    Episode 12

    The boys rolled on to Missouri with our friend Nathaniel Maddux, owner of Niangua Coffee. This gobbler had love on his mind, and he was mesmerized!

  • Ep 13 · MO · Chasing Spring

    Episode 13

    Missouri was painful for 'ol Spence Halford. It rarely happens, but it eventually happens to everyone.

  • Ep 14 · MO · Chasing Spring

    Episode 14

    Our buddy Chewy is on the gun to finish out Missouri. We’re all up in amongst a gaggle of 'em!

  • Ep 15 · WY · Chasing Spring

    Episode 15

    We pointed the trucks towards the black hills of Wyoming. It didn’t take too long to find 'em!