Chasing Spring

Chasing Spring

2 Seasons

Welcome to Chasing Spring! Follow along as Brandon Pendergrass and Jeff Lovan hit the road traveling the country looking for hard gobbling longbeards…. Literally Chasing Spring!

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Chasing Spring
  • Chasing Spring · Introduction to the Season

    An introduction to Chasing Spring

  • Ep 1 · TN · Chasing Spring

    The guys arrived in middle TN to kick off the spring season and were welcomed to the Volunteer state with a couple of GIANT Easterns.

  • Ep 2 · TN · Chasing Spring

    There's no better sound in the spring time, than the thunder from a hard gobbling Eastern as he's working his way through a mature block of deep southern hard woods. Brandon and Jeff are still in Tennessee for this episode, and they show us why everything is better in the timber!

  • Ep 3 · OK · Chasing Spring

    Jeff and Brandon leave Tennessee and head towards Oklahoma for the OK opener. The birds in Oklahoma are “Happy to be alive” as Pender says. The gobbling is HOT and so is the action!

  • Ep 4 · OK · Chasing Spring

    The guys are in Oklahoma for the second morning of Oklahoma’s spring season. The Rios are burning it up, and the guys have a couple of good friends joining in on the action!

  • Ep 5 · OK · Chasing Spring

    Episode 6

    One last morning in Oklahoma for Jeff and Brandon. Ms Angie is on the gun, but a pile of jakes forces them to make a move. With time running out they try and get super tight with a couple of longbeards before calling.

  • Ep 6 · TX · Chasing Spring

    Episode 7

    The guys arrived in Texas and were greeted with a gobble before they even got their hunting gear on! No wonder they say “God Bless Texas”.

  • Ep 7 · TX · Chasing Spring

    Episode 7

    It's the second morning in Texas and Pender's got one coming in on a rope! Things get up close and personal and begs the question..... how close is too close?

  • Ep 8 · MO · Chasing Spring

    Episode 8

    Back on their home turf in the hills of south-central Missouri, Pender and Lovie are looking forward to some home-field advantage for the first time all spring!

  • Ep 9 · MO · Chasing Spring

    Episode 9

    Hard gobbling Easterns in bottomland timber.... it's the second morning in Missouri and the boys are about to show you why everything is "Better in Bottomland".

  • Ep 10 · MO · Chasing Spring

    Episode 10

    It's the final morning of the Missouri season and Jeff's wife Bree Lovan is up to the plate!

  • Ep 11 · NE · Chasing Spring

    Episode 11

    It's the first time Brandon has experienced Nebraska and they catch themselves among some loose-lipped, Nebraska hybrids!

  • Ep 12 · NE · Chasing Spring

    Episode 12

    As season one is coming to an end, the boys are ending in a bang laying the hammer down on some great Nebraska birds.