3 Episodes

"BUILT" aims to tell the story of brands, businesses, and entrepreneurs that not only have a real connection to the outdoors, but also have a real connection with the people around them. Join us on a journey of discovery, and see what dedication to craft looks like.

  • Duluth Pack • BUILT

    In the first episode of BUILT, we hear the story of one of America’s most iconic outdoor brands, Duluth Pack. Hear how the early struggles of the company and its founder, Camille Poirier, made the company into the brand it is today while keeping their values and production processes the same.

  • Mexican Gulf Fishing Company • BUILT

    Episode 1

    The Mexican Gulf Fishing Company is a team of captains with keen big game fishing instincts and enough life experience to lean on the philosophy of controlling what can be controlled and meeting everything else with the skill and experience of true professionals. Long hours, sleepless nights and ...

  • Vapor Apparel • BUILT

    Episode 3

    We take a look at what makes Vapor Apparel such a great fishing brand, and why Mossy Oak is glad to partner with them.