Blood Origins

Blood Origins

3 Seasons

At its core "Blood Origins" is centered on two primary goals:
(1) inspiring the next generation of hunters/outdoorsman to really embrace their heritage
(2) to reach across the aisle to the non-hunting American mainstream audience to show them who we, the American Outdoorsmen, truly are.

Blood Origins
  • Ranchers Heart • Blood Origins

    Episode 1

    The connection between ranching and conservation is perpetual. At its heart, ranching is a love of the land and a desire to leave it better than you found it. That same ethic is passed down from generation to generation, and this is the case for Bobby Dobson and his family. To Bobby, ranching is ...

  • Fighter • Blood Origins

    Episode 2

    Rachel Hogan, by all indications, was destined to be a future field trialing national champion. She was a 19-year-old girl atop of her game. Her dog, an English Springer spaniel, had made amateur field champion, had competed in the nationals, and she was starting to get some name recognition and ...

  • One with Nature • Blood Origins

    Episode 3

    Jamshid Ardalan was born in Tehran, Iran but is now a proud American. What Jamshid represents is the global nature, the global instinct of hunting. It doesn’t matter what you look like, nor what your accent is like, hunting is buried in all of our DNA. Jamshid was taken as a young boy into the mo...

  • Press On • Blood Origins

    Episode 4

    You may recognize Grant Woods. He is one of the foremost advocates for whitetail deer management. However, his love for the outdoors, for restoration and management of habitats, his love of all things wildlife, not just deer, were seated into his DNA by his father. His dad buried within him moral...

  • Faith, Family, Food • Blood Origins

    Episode 5

    Faith. Family. Food. In that order. Jeremiah’s story is seated in these three tenets. Raised a hunter, studied to become a minister, and then developed a debilitating allergy to bovine fat. In order to continue to feed red meat protein to his family, he had to revert to that which he knew was bur...

  • Family • Blood Origins

    Episode 6

    There is a misperception that to be a hunter you have to be a man. You have to be rough and tough and you have to wear camo everywhere you go. Kim is the antithesis of this perception. Mother. Wife. Businesswoman. Avid duck hunter. Don’t let her appearance fool you. This is the face of the hunter.

  • Hunter • Blood Origins

    Episode 7

    Gerard Masih is a first generation Pakistani American. He is the epitome of someone who took up hunting as a result of the life that America as a country promised. Starting with a pellet gun he decided to follow that what was in his blood – bird hunting. Utilizing the public land system in Califo...