Blood Origins

Blood Origins

3 Seasons

At its core "Blood Origins" is centered on two primary goals:
(1) inspiring the next generation of hunters/outdoorsman to really embrace their heritage
(2) to reach across the aisle to the non-hunting American mainstream audience to show them who we, the American Outdoorsmen, truly are.

Blood Origins
  • In The Blood • Blood Origins

    Episode 1

    What is Blood Origins? Robbie Kroger tells us about his philosophy on what Blood Origins means and relates it to his story. A South African native, he has come to the United States and is looking to his past to learn more about what hunting meant to him and his family for generations.

  • Threaded • Blood Origins

    Episode 2

    Everyone has a story… For Lake & Keith, it is one of mentorship, lifelong friendship, and a passion for sharing their love of hunting with younger generations. Through a program bringing the hunting experience to younger generations, they came to know more about their love of the outdoors and bei...

  • Heart • Blood Origins

    Episode 3

    As one of the originators, Cuz Strickland has the insight to tell a story more rooted in hunting and tradition than most. He was focused from experiences at a young age on how hunting and humanity came together. He aims to always make that experience available to young people. He wants the hunter...

  • Unconventional • Blood Origins

    Episode 4

    Johanna is unconventional in many ways. She is breaking stereotypes and opening new doors for others to experience hunting. With so many diverse experiences across the world, there is also a person that exemplifies the uniqueness of what hunting can offer as an experience. Johanna will keep openi...

  • Love • Blood Origins

    Episode 5

    Most children are taught to hunt by their fathers. Polly was different. She was taught by her mother. A woman that taught her all of the values that she needed as a hunter as well as a young women – integrity, responsibility, determination, and patience. Not only has Polly taken those values and ...

  • The Truth • Blood Origins

    Episode 6

    Will Primos is an icon in our hunting industry. As a young boy, his path to who he is today was shaped by his father and three Uncles. Will’s dad, along with his mother, Mary Ann, shaped and molded Will’s fabric as a man by being the example of what hard work and integrity achieves. Uncle Aleck, ...