Behind the Season

Behind the Season

3 Seasons

Go behind the scenes with Mark Heck and Kenneth Lancaster of The Given Right and Xpedition Archery, for an inside look at the ups and downs of their season. Catch weekly episodes, as they travel across the country, chasing big game from Alaska to Mexico.

Behind the Season
  • Oklahoma Buck • Behind the Season

    Witness the breathtaking moment when an unexpected eight-point buck appears before our eyes, leaving us utterly speechless. The afternoon unfolds with turkeys, cows, and a fellow hunter sharing the scene, setting the stage for this remarkable encounter. Follow along as the deer makes its way towa...

  • Oklahoma Mule Deer • Behind the Season

    Episode 2

    After a couple uneventful days of mule deer hunting on the wide open plains, fortunes seem dim. But veteran spotter Kenneth never loses faith. Glassing for miles from above, he notices movement in a distant field. There, a mature buck grazes unaware, and entirely out of reasonable range. Watch wh...

  • Missouri Archery Buck • Behind the Season

    Episode 21

    Laden Force is back in his home state of Missouri, chasing last season whitetails with this Xpedition Archery Xlite.

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  • Kevin Heck Late Season Iowa Muzz • Behind the Season

    Episode 22

    The entire TGR crew is in camp at the Iowa lodge with tags in their pocket, including Mark's brother Kevin Heck. The first afternoon, Kevin gets the trip kicked off in a big way!

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  • Kenneth Late Season Iowa Muzzleloader • Behind the Season

    Episode 23

    Hunting the Iowa farm in late season along with the entire TGR crew is a long-standing tradition for Kenneth. For him, it's not just about the hunting, but the camaraderie and memories made with friends. When a mature buck makes his way into the field, Kenneth delivers on the opportunity alongsid...

  • Iowa Late Muzz Part 3 • Behind the Season

    Episode 24

    Join us for an exciting late-season deer hunt in Iowa! We've been tracking a beautiful 9-pointer for the past couple of days, and today is our last chance to take him down. The snow and manure from the farmers' skid steer have made it difficult to spot him, but we're determined to make the most o...

  • Last Day Heroics • Behind the Season

    Episode 26

    It's the last day of muzzle loader season and we're on the hunt for a big buck! We've had a great season so far, but we're determined to finish strong. We've got our cameras set up and we're waiting for the perfect moment to strike. Will we get the buck of a lifetime or will we go home empty-hand...