Behind the Season

Behind the Season

5 Episodes

Go behind the scenes with Mark Heck and Kenneth Lancaster of The Given Right and Xpedition Archery, for an inside look at the ups and downs of their season. Catch weekly episodes, as they travel across the country, chasing big game from Alaska to Mexico.

Behind the Season
  • Nevada Elk • Behind the Season

    Episode 1

    Mark Heck travels west to Nevada, to kick off his 2022 season chasing elk with his friends from Mossback Outfitters. An early September heatwave make conditions tough, but with a 15 degree temperature drop on day 7 the rut kicks off in a BIG way!

    For all your  hunting gear needs, head to the M...

  • Early Season Kansas Whitetails • Behind the Season

    Episode 2

    Kenneth heads north to meet up with Mark, to hunt early season whitetails in Kansas. Fresh off his success in Nevada, Mark is looking to capitalize on one of his Kansas hitlisters just out of velvet. With temperatures near the triple digits, conditions aren't ideal but the guys figure out a way t...

  • Hill Ranch Elk • Behind the Season

    Episode 3

    After finding success in Kansas, the guys head out to Colorado to hunt Elk with their good friend Justin Adkisson at the Hill Ranch. With the weather primed, the guys hop right into a rut frenzy. After coming close on a bull they nick named "Big Thirds" the year prior, they locate the same bull a...

  • River Canyon Elk • Behind the Season

    After Mark filled his tag on a Colorado giant, Kenneth heads deeper into Colorado setting his sights on a bull of his own. Hunting some of the same ground he hunted nearly 20 years ago with Primos, he's on his home turf and it doesn’t take him long before he's right in the thick of it.

    For all y...

  • Kansas Elk pt 1 • Behind the Season

    Before leaving on his Moose hunt in Maine, Mark stops off in Kansas for an early season hunt but decides to switch gears when a herd of elk start showing up on his Kansas farm. Having never hunted Elk in Kansas, Mark and Tyler call their way through the farm heading to a spot for the evening sit,...