Avian X Turkey Tour

Avian X Turkey Tour

10 Episodes

Join Mark Drury and the DOD team as they trek across the Midwest on the annual Turkey Tour for a beak bustin’, in your face, non-stop, action-packed Avian-X good time! With calling so sweet and decoys so deceptive, the longbeards don’t stand a chance! This POV footage is so unreal, you’ll feel like you’re holding the Winchester!

Avian X Turkey Tour
  • Mark Drury Reels a Turkey into 8 STEPS! • Avian X Turkey Tour

    Episode 1

    It's a new year, and we're gearing up for another fantastic season of chasing those gobblers we love, oh so much! Follow along with Mark Drury, as he hits the ground running in Texas to kick things off!

  • HUGE Gobbler at 2 Steps, BUT He's Behind us! • Avian X Turkey Tour

    Episode 2

    This episode of the Avian-X Turkey Tour is a wild ride as Mark Drury and Wade Robinson team up with good buddy Wade Montgomery! It could just be a four bird pile up!

  • Pecking Order 101, Revenge of the Six Jakes! • Avian X Turkey Tour

    Episode 3

    The next installment of the Turkey Tour is packed FULL of up close and personal gobbler moments, and we can promise, TWO huge gobblers will hit the ground before the episode comes to a close! Make sure to stick around and see how this group of jakes react toward a downed Missouri longbeard.

  • 3 Big Easterns DOWN in Iowa and Missouri! • Avian X Turkey Tour

    Episode 4

    The gang hits the fields of Iowa and Missouri in search of our fine feathered friends, and they definitely won’t be going home empty handed! Between a getaway gobbler, and a double in the sticks, you won’t want to miss a second of this new episode on the turkey tour!

  • In Your Face P.O.V! 2 Huge Gobblers DEMOLISH Avian! • Avian X Turkey Tour

    Episode 5

    It gets up close and personal on this episode of the turkey tour. On two separate sits (and two birds downed), the Avian-X dekes prove exactly how useful they are to luring in turkeys, and how durable they are when it comes to being absolutely clobbered!

  • Hunting Longbeards in a Foot of Snow • Avian X Turkey Tour

    Episode 6

    Mark and the gang head out for a snowy gobbler hunt in this episode of the continuing turkey tour! Then, the Mad Scientist teams up with Wade and Steve for an impromptu double in the Show-Me state! Three birds down this episode, and we’re only at the halfway point!

  • THREE Longbeards Down! Dekes Destroyed! • Avian X Turkey Tour

    Episode 7

    Rolling right along on the tour, Mark and the crew find themselves in the Show Me state of Missouri, as they get to work bringing in three different gobblers on three, in-your-face hunts! You won't believe the incredible POV footage!

  • THREE First-Person Gobbler Takedowns • Avian X Turkey Tour

    Episode 9

    It's always a little too close for comfort on the Turkey Tour... For the turkeys that is! Join up for a little cross-state relay in the latest edition of the Avian-X Turkey Tour as one, two, three longbeards bite the dust!

  • FOUR Gobblers Bite The Dust • Avian X Turkey Tour

    Episode 10

    Get ready for the most jam packed episode of the season as the crew swings for the fences! Join up with Mark, Terry, Wade, Dog, Austin Land, and more as they knock down FOUR longbeards!

  • LARGEST Spurs Ever on a DOD Gobbler! • Avian X Turkey Tour

    Episode 12

    You won’t won’t want to miss the grand finale of the Avian-X Turkey Tour where a total of three birds will hit the ground before it all comes to a close. INCLUDING the largest spurred long beard that anybody on the Drury Outdoors crew has ever taken!