A Way Of Life

A Way Of Life

5 Episodes

For many people, whitetail deer hunting is more than just a three-month season, it’s a way of life. For the Woodard Family of Mississippi and Colin Mann of Iowa, that is definitely the case. This series will highlight their way of life and the culture they were born to, ensuring that rural America is one of the main characters in the series. This series shine’s a light on the process it takes to chase whitetail deer and the traditions of passing down the passion to others. It also highlights the pressure that hunters put on themselves throughout the season. Patterning a target buck, training well enough so that a 40 yard broadside shot becomes second nature, and the patience to wait weeks for the perfect wind are a few of the many factors that play into a successful hunt. This series shows how a family from Mississippi and a diehard from Iowa share the passion of hunting whitetail deer. With completely different terrain, family dynamics, whitetail genetics, hunting traditions and culture, this series will uncover how the process of whitetail deer hunting always wins.

A Way Of Life
  • Down Home • A Way Of Life

    We never stop. Once one season closes, the work for next season begins. Food plots, inventory checks, stand hanging, just to name a few. No matter if you’re in the deep south as the Woodard family is or in the heartland like Collin Mann, this isn’t a way for us to pass by time, it’s our way of life.

  • The Beginning • A Way Of Life

    As the November rut nears, the Woodard’s begin to put time in on stand in Mississippi amidst a drought hoping to connect to an October buck. Meanwhile in Iowa, Colin hunts a piece of family ground looking to fill the freezer, but knows at any moment one of his target bucks could make an appearance.

  • The Rut • A Way of Life

    Episode 1

    In Mississippi, the Woodard’s have honed in on a giant typical 8-point using food plots on their farm during daylight and have come up with a plan to go after him. In Iowa, Collin Mann is looking for one of the several mature bucks on his farm as he grinds out all day rut sits in a tree he shot ...

  • The Grind • A Way of Life

    Episode 4

    As the midwest rut winds down in Iowa, Collin Mann is still reeling from the mature buck he couldn’t connect with in mid-November as he continues to try and put the pieces together. In the Mississippi Delta, the Woodard’s have finally closed the book on the giant 8-point they’ve been chasing for ...

  • The Finale • A Way of Life

    Episode 5

    As deer season for the Woodard family comes to a close in Mississippi, Henry and Lakeisha reflect and look to pass on their hunting way of life to their daughter Angel during gun season. In Iowa, the rut has passed and post-rut hunting is in full swing as Collin Mann is still trying to catch up w...