21 South

21 South

3 Episodes

Check out some home grown hunting with the folks at 21 south!

21 South
  • 99 out of 100 • 21 South

    Episode 1

    a short opening evening of the 2022 turkey season comes to an end with a roosted gobbler, plentiful group of hens, & a plan! The next morning rolls around and the gobbler & hens flew down just were they didn’t need them to be.. the guys opted to not call and let the birds do their thing. They ba...

  • The Zombie Doe • 21 South

    Episode 2

    We got this piece of property 3 seasons ago, and this zombie came along with it! She's had this growing mass on her underside since day one, and it has doubled in size since then. Even with the wind swirling & deer blowing. It cam together.

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  • Crazy Gobbling Turkeys • 21 South

    Episode 2

    Tanner doesn’t get to spend a lot of time in the turkey woods, so after scouting it for a few days & putting these turkey on the limb, we slipped in and the plan came together just right.

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