2018 DU TV

2018 DU TV

13 Episodes

Waterfowling from across North America as well as tips and tactics to improve your hunting!

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2018 DU TV
  • Rivals • DU TV

    Episode 1

  • Creole Carver • DU TV

    Episode 2

  • Rocky Mountain Waterfowl • DU TV

    Episode 3

  • Best of 2018 • DU TV

    Episode 4

    Join us as we take a look at our favorite moments throughout the 2018 DU TV season.

  • Southern Women • DU TV

    Episode 5

    Co-host Ashley Ward travels to South Carolina to hunt with several female DU volunteers.

  • Arkansas Snow Geese • DU TV

    Episode 6

    Join our co-hosts as they hunt the conservation snow goose season in Arkansas.

  • Delta Days • DU TV

    Episode 7

    Join us hunting with DU volunteers Tucker Tims and Colton Walker in the Mississippi Delta.

  • Texas Teal • DU TV

    Episode 8

    DU joins our good friend Carl Thilenius for a memorable Texas hunt.

  • Big Spread • DU TV

    Episode 9

    We join the Higdon family at their facility in west Kentucky.

  • Alberta Adventure • DU TV

    Episode 10

    Doug Larsen heads to the Prairie Pothole Region of Alberta for an unforgettable waterfowling adventure.

  • Building a Legacy • DU TV

    Episode 11

    Doug Larsen hunts opening weekend in Minnesota with a group of passionate DU volunteers plus a great Arkansas hunt with members of a local High School DU chapter.

  • Cajun Collector • DU TV

    Episode 12

    A trip to south Louisiana to hunt the expansive coastal marshes and meet a passionate DU volunteer and gun collector.

  • Cape Cod Nor'easter • DU TV

    Episode 13

    Ashley Ward and the crew head to New England to sample the area’s unique sea duck and diver duck hunting. While there, they meet some passionate DU volunteers who turn out to raise money for conservation in the middle of a blizzard.