2014 DU TV

2014 DU TV

13 Episodes

Waterfowling from across North America as well as tips and tactics to improve your hunting!

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2014 DU TV
  • Sea Duck Sampler • DU TV

    Episode 1

    Field Hudnall accompanies Captain Bob Wetherald and his Mid-River Guide Service and DU biologist Jake McPherson on a Potomac River adventure for the full variety of Atlantic sea ducks.

  • Utah Primer, Canadian Spectacular • DU TV

    Episode 2

    From the Great Basin of the Inter-Mountain West with DU’s Mark Biddlecomb, Dick West, Dick Gilbert and Bob Kluge to the Canadian prairie, follow DUTV co-hosts Field Hudnall and Zach Pederson for adventures with early season ducks and geese.

  • Missouri Traditions • DU TV

    Episode 3

    Wade Bourne, DUTV’s veteran co-host, hunts his go-to blinds with old friends, including champion dog trainer Mike Stewart, and rediscovers the essence of waterfowl hunting.

  • Salt Grass Ducks (LA) • DU TV

    Episode 4

    DUTV’s Zach Pederson hunts with three of DU’s most influential past presidents – John Newman, Gene Henry and Don Rollins – on restored wetland in Louisiana before sampling the nearby flooded fields of Honey Brake Lodge with manager Drew Keeth.

  • North Dakota The Duck Factory Revisited • DU TV

    Episode 5

    Zach Pederson & Wade Bourne and DU’s Joe Breidenbach hunt a variety of terrains for ducks and geese.

  • Texas Scramble • DU TV

    Episode 6

    Join Field Hudnall and DU’s Sean DeCento as they host Texas College Chapter DU representatives at a variety of South Texas habitats for Lone Star excitement.

  • Neosho River (KS) Greenheads & California Pintails • DU TV

    Episode 7

  • Grand Prairie Public (KS) • DU TV

    Episode 8

    Field Hudnall freelances the public-land opportunities in southeastern Kansas with DU super-enthusiasts, including Dwight McElroy, and is rewarded with hard-won mallard limits.

  • Kansas Mallards • DU TV

    Episode 9

    Hosted by Zach Pederson and Field Hudnall, the DUTV cameras nestle among one of the most awe-inspiring concentrations of mallards of the season. It’s a double dose of Hooray Ranch greenheads with owner Eric Dunn.

  • Canada Unchained • DU TV

    Episode 10

    DUTV host Zach Pederson fails to disprove the notion that Canada is home to the best early season mallard and goose shooting on earth.

  • California Central Valley • DU TV

    Episode 11

    The big show from one of the Pacific Flyway’s dreamiest marshes—Paul Bonderson’s (current DU first vice president) Bird Haven Ranch—features DUTV host and World Champion Field Hudnall.

  • Big Water & the Ocean of Grass (MAND) • DU TV

    Episode 12

    DUTV caps its perhaps the best and most accessible sea duck shooting in the Western Hemisphere before heading to historically critical potholes of North Dakota with host Wade Bourne.

  • Delta Geese… The Honey Brake Highlight Experience • DU TV

    Episode 13

    Season highlight show hosted by Ainsley Beeman, who hunts the late snow goose conservation season from Honey Brake Lodge in Louisiana with her father, Scott. The episode emphasizes many of our HB experiences (early teal and late-season ducks with host Zach Pederson and DU biologist Charlie Lieb),...