The Habit

The Habit

3 Episodes

A “habit” is an acquired pattern that has been regularly followed until it has become almost involuntary. That’s how hunting and fishing have patterned the lives’ of John Paul Morris, Chuck Belmore, and Jon Justice. They’ve hunted and fished so regularly it has become second nature to them.

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The Habit
  • Texas Rios • The Habit

    Episode 1

    Everyone knows that Rios are notorious for bing wadded up in big groups, but nothing could have prepared us for this opening day flock of birds. You have to check it out to see all the turkey fly down that first morning! Oh yeah we fill our limit too.

  • Alberta Bears • The Habit

    Episode 2

    On this episode, Chuck Belmore heads to the north land with the rest of his buddies from Mossy Oak to chase a black bear for the first time. Since this is his first time ever hunting black bears and his first time hunting in Canada Chuck isn't sure what to expect. Between the heat, mosquitos and ...

  • Texas Pork • The Habit

    Episode 3

    North Texas has become overrun with hogs and these pigs are causing so much crop damage the farmers have employed some hunters to bring in thermal scopes and rifles to eradicate them. The Habit travels to Memphis Texas with High Plains hunts on an eradication mission.