Kill & Eat

Kill & Eat

4 Episodes

To us hunting is more than a sport or a favorite pass time; it’s a part of who we are and it’s a lifestyle that God has blessed us with the ability to live. Kill & Eat is a way of life. The pursuit of wild game and the table fare it provides drives us, it sustains us, and it’s a whole lot of fun along the way!

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Kill & Eat
  • Double Arrowed Giant • Kill & Eat

    Grant and camera man, Elijah, crawl into an elevated ground blind in Northern Missouri on a calm, early January evening with hopes that one of the two mature management bucks make a presence in range. Grant is given a chance of redemption as he nocks a second arrow.

  • Last Minute Brute • Kill & Eat

    Gabe tucks into a ground blind on a chase to fill his Missouri buck tag. With hours left before the season ends, snow on the ground, and a field full of standing beans the evening hunt kicks off with deer moving early. Gabe witnesses an awesome encounter with a young buck still wearing velvet in ...

  • We Messed With Texas Pt. 1 • Kill & Eat

    Episode 4

    The Kill&Eat boys had a wild hair to go chase some javelina’s in South Texas. On their way to Freer, Texas aka javelina country, they make a quick pit stop in Junction, Texas to help their friends of Pope Brothers Guide Service balance out their doe population on their 5000-acre ranch.

  • We Messed with Texas Pt. 2. • Kill & Eat

    Episode 5

    On their pursuit to put the smack down on some javelinas in South Texas, the Kill&Eat crew get up close and personal to some diamond back rattlers. Exploring around on a 100,000+ ranch, the boys finally get to lay their eyes and tastes buds on some javelina.